Arrowhead students preparing for Christmas

Sales for Christmas have been going on at Walmart since Black Friday. This is a chance where people can try and get the best deals. Flat screen TV’s were as low as $150 and lines were so long that people were camping out.

This is according to TMJ4 nightly news. “I personally love black Friday shopping. People can get all of the best deals. I honestly believe that people wait all year round for this so that they can save lots of money. I think that they think waiting in the lines is worth being able to save all the money,”says Natalie Johnson, a senior at Arrowhead high school. “My favorite place to shop is Kohls.

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I get all of my family presents there. They have so many great options. This year I got my dad some tools from there, I got my mom shoes and my older brother some nice new clothes,” says Rebecca Crownover, a Sophomore at Arrowhead high school. This year Christmas Eve falls on a Wednesday and Christmas day falls on a Thursday. 78% of people get all of their Christmas shopping done on the day of Black Friday.

That is according to CNBC. “Christmas is my favorite time of the year. ” says Johnson.