Why is Madison Such a Popular College for Arrowhead Seniors

University of Wisconsin Madison is by far the most popular college destination for Arrowhead High School’s senior class. According to Gayle Morrison, the North Campus Counseling Secretary, last year’s graduating had about 74 students attending UW-Madison. Hannah Solveson, an Arrowhead High School senior getting ready to attend, says, “I’ve wanted to go since I was little.” Founded in 1848 and located in the city capital of Wisconsin, UW-Madison approximately 41,581 students. This is the largest college in Wisconsin with 135 majors, 151 masters degree programs, and 107 doctoral programs offered.

According to UW-Madison’s website, the five most popular majors are economics, political science, biology, history, and psychology. Abby Kolbow, graduating senior at Arrowhead High School, says she is planning on attending Madison next year and majoring in biology with a minor in Spanish. She says, “I’m excited to go because of the research opportunities with science and ways to study abroad in a Spanish country!” Along with that, UW- Madison sports are division one in the Big Ten conference. This year, their football team made it to the Rose Bowl, but was defeated by Stanford University. For Brady Kelliher, a fellow senior at Arrowhead High School, one reason he is attending UW- Madison is because of this team.

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Kelliher says, “I’m really looking forward to playing football along with being able to further my education.” Madison is also convenient for Arrowhead students because of the in-state tuition. For in-state students the tuition is about $24,204 per year, according to UW’s Madison website instead of the estimated $41,094 for out of state students. Overall, Kelliher says, “I really liked the campus, coaches, and it is just Madison….being a Badger is what most kids grow up thinking of.”