Seniors banned from cafeteria and forced to join junior study hall

This year, Arrowhead administration decided seniors who have fifth or sixth hour study hall will be placed alongside juniors in the junior study hall room.

Previously seniors were assigned to the cafeteria. Attendance was still taken in the cafeteria, as it is in junior study hall. According to Pete Nejedlo, assistant principal at North Campus, seniors are assigned there because the AHS budget cannot afford additional supervisors. Nejedlo, however, said he feels remorseful for seniors placed in junior study hall. Senior year is the time for college applications, recommendation letters, and school events. Senior Katie Setnicar says the one place to have a little freedom during school is her senior study hall.

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As a freshman, AHS students await senior independence; but the class of 2012 has had this independence taken away. While Nejedlo extends apologies, there are around twenty seniors assigned to the junior study hall. Setnicar, and her classmates in the junior study hall, believe twenty extra seniors would not change the atmosphere in the cafeteria. “I don’t think it’s fair to us because we’ve waited four years to be able to have study hall in the cafeteria, but fifth and sixth hours are unfairly excluded from that privilege,” she says. Nejedlo says he wants to take action in the near future to give seniors their senior study hall privileges back, but this year the budget will not allow it.

On a positive note, he said, students are able to focus on getting homework done and study for tests and quizzes.