Field Trips Take over Arrowhead

On the weekend of December 5th, many events were going on at Arrowhead High School including the Spanish and Chinese Chicago trip and the DECA trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The students who went to Chicago for either Spanish or Chinese left on Friday morning to head to the windy city.

The Chinese students spent the day in Chinatown. “I thought that it was a very good experience because we got to see the different culture and practice our Chinese speaking skills,” says junior Max Peterson. For the Spanish students, they took a dance class to learn the traditional dances of Mexico, ate at Mexican restaurants, and toured Chicago. “I love this trip,” says junior Madison Dettmann. “I’ve been going on this trip since a freshman, and I always get a good experience out of it.” Both of those trips were for Friday, so the students came back at 11 p.

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m on Friday night. The other trip that was held for Arrowhead students was the CRLC DECA trip. The students headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota. At this leadership conference, there were many business seminars that gave students leadership skills for the future. The students also got to explore around downtown Minneapolis.

“We got to do so many things,” says Truttschel. “We even got to go to dinner with Mr. Melzer and Mr. Dahle which was a lot of fun.” On Saturday, students went to the Mall of America for the seminar, the seminar was called “I Am A Shopper.

” There, they got to spend four hours at the mall shopping. “Since you needed your I.D if you were under 16 for supervision reasons, a bunch of people had to stay with Mr. Melzer,” said junior Eryn Hartnett. “It wasn’t that bad because we were just messing around with Melzer and had fun!” The CRCL trip came back Sunday afternoon after a long three days of hard work and learning. The conference was to increase the confidence of the students and to have fun while doing it.