Dress Codes In the School System Essays

Dear Sir or Madam,Wakening before the sun rises into the sky I feel distraught, for the simple fact that it is a school day. My morning consists of: taking a refreshing shower, eating a well balanced breakfast (eggs, toast and a glass of OJ) and oh ya, the dreaded task of getting dressed.

Every morning it’s the same thing I go into my dresser and find a selection of black pants or tan pants; red, blue, white, or green collard shirt. There is a paucity of verity in my clothing style. Every morning I always hear the screeching of my mother’s acrimonious voice telling me to tuck in my shirt before walking out the door. It is a zoo.Packing what seems to be my entire dresser for after school activities is not a fun task.

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I have two dressers in my room, one for my normal life and the other for school. Honestly who has two dressers? Having a strict dress code at school is more work than one might suspect. My parents made an egregious mistake of sending me to Arrowhead. I feel that I am restrained from showing who I really am. The dress pants and collard shirt are so twenty years ago, and the extreme dress code is pernicious to my image.

I may find myself without a homecoming date.I am here to elicit the truth and be the voice for the student body. Dress code is not the way to discipline a student. We are able and mature enough to wear what we want and still construe grades of excellence. Dress code will not make us more proper or better citizens, if anything the student body will revolt.

So I write this leader as a warning. Let us wear what we want.Thank you for your time.