School Dress Codes

Every school has a dress code, some dress codes require all students to wear a school uniform. Others do not. Unfortunately,my school does not have a dress code that requires all students to wear a uniform.

Honestly, students will get higher grades on their exams and, there will be less bullying. Most students are bullied for how they dress.People bully because they are jealous, they want others to feel down, or they are just flat out rude since they don’t like that person because they are different from them. Being different is awesome! #StandOutFromTheCrowd From the bullies perspective you may dress funny oract weird. To prevent that, everyone in the school could dress in the same school uniform and the bullying would decrease. I mean, it doesn’t make sense for some one to say, you look awful in that outfit today.

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Well, you are wearing the same clothes as that person… With out a dress code, I notice the girls always want to sit in the front of the class just so the boys can sit behind them and stare at the girls. The boys start staring at the girls and miss out on the days lesson. When the exam finally rolls around, they don’t have a clue on what the test is about.

If all the girls wore school uniforms, there’s nothing for the boys to stare at, so they may actually listen to the teacher for the first time and do good on an exam. So listen, the other day I was walking to my 8th period class. I heard a teacher yell at a boy who was wearing a hat. He yelled, “Hey! Take off your hat! You must follow the school dress code!” What I don’t understand is that a teacher yelled at a student for wearing a hat, but the other day, a girl in my class wore a white lace tank top and only wore a pink bra underneath. Come on already! No one wants to see you 80% naked! Sadly, she sits in front of me so when she sat down, I saw a HUGE hole in her pants. You could tell, she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I didn’t look on purpose, it’s just that she sits in front of me and boom, it happened just like that. She never got a detention nor got dress coded, but the guy with the hat did get a detention. If you ask me, that’s not correct. I feel like the school doesn’t enforce their school dress code correctly.Some times to strictly and other times, not so much. I really wish the school realizes the way people dress affect bullying and students grades.

So why do schools have a dress code if they don’t enforce it?