Dress Codes Should Not Be Banned

A major conflict that students face every school day is dress code, even with student protest petitions and school walkouts nothing has really changed.Dress codes are sexist they unfairly Target girls by body-shaming them for promoting sexual harassment. Girls get sent home, put an uncomfortable moments with adult male teachers and administrators telling them their clothes are too sexual for school andthat they are too distracting for male student who cannot control their hormones.Not only girls are affected by these Oppressive rules but gender-nonconforming and transgender students have had their identities taken away they have been sent home, taken out of class, excluded from your books because they’re because the gender they were born with shouldn’t wear dresses.

But still nothing has been done about these Old-fashioned, ignorant regulations.The dress codes are not only sexist to girls it is veryoffencive too male students. The point behind dress codewhat’s to stop girls from distracting there male peers from their class work. that is telling guys that they have no control over themselves andthey can’t be trusted around a girl wearing leggings.Schools should not have the power to control the identities of students with rules created decades ago by An older generation.

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Instead of worrying about how short my shorts are the school system should be worried about how to prepare us for our future inthe real world where dress codeis not a thing.