Dress Codes Are Unfair

Dress codes are unfair, targeted towards girls, and body shame young women.

Fifty-three percent of teenage girls report that they are already unhappy with their body, so why would schools make teenage girls feel bad about showing a little skin. Its not like girls are running around with nothing on. I say if a girl feels happy and confident with they way she looks, let her feel good about herself, school is already hard enough on students.We should change the dress codes a little to make all this controversy stop. Schools in North Dakota have banned skinny jeans, leggings,and yoga pants not just skin but the silhouette itself. How do you think that makes teenage girls feel? When you tell a girl to go change while she is in the middle of class, you are telling her that a guy’s education is more important than hers.

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According to Scott Lay, PhD warns that dress code can actually hinder a child’s learning opportunity.Teenage girls have even admitted to low self – esteem because they fear what guys think of them. So why would schools make that worse by adding a dress code and saying that it’s enforced because girls clothing distracts boys. Everyone is perfectly fine with seeing some shoulders its not like she was running around with nothing on. A five year old girl was sent home for wearing a sundress that showed her shoulders. The girl was fully clothed.

How is a five year old girl distracting boys for showing her shoulders? Tell me if you think the shoulders of a five year old were distracting boys the same age. Have you ever heard a guy say ?OMG look at her shoulders they are so hot!? or ?look at her bra strap dang?no you haven’t and you wanna know why;because no one cares. Boys are here to get an education just like girls. An article from the National review says that instead of body shaming women school systems should start teaching boys to STOP degrading women. Boys who say that the dress code is also targeted towards them need to stop.

Boys get to wear basically whatever they want, boys get to wear muscle t-shirts exposing her whole sides and whenever girls try and wear those types of shirts guess what happens, they get dress coded. Girls get dress coded when they wear tank tops, tight shirts, muscle t-shirts, leggings, skinny jeans and shorts.I think girls should be allowed to wear these clothing items as long as there butts aren’t hanging out and everything isn’t showing. Its also a huge disruption during class when teachers pulls a student to the side and tells the student to go change or wait in the office and call a parent. The student now comes back in the classroom and now all the classmates are wondering why she got pulled over to the side to talk. Its also very embarrassing to come back to class wearing something else and everybody knowing why.

Girls shouldn’t have to dress a certain way just because of boys. Do you honestly think it matters what girls wear as long as they aren’t entirely exposed? Its not like girls are running around with nothing on. Just because guys get “distracted” by what girls wear doesnt mean girls should have to dress differently so they don’t affect a boys education. What about a girls education isn’t that important too? Dress codes are targeted towards girls, unfair, and body shame young women, and they need to be changed. I think a great solution to this problem would be changing the dress code.