Dress Codes Updated: Girls Allowed to Show Eyelashes

The new dress code policy was released Thursday, addressing the complaints about how strict the dress code is for girls.

GIrls are now allowed to show, at most, their eyelashes. “We didn’t think guys would be able to concentrate with such a liberal dress code policy, but we’ve decided to let girls show their eyelashes. We really think this a good comprimise for both parties.” a member of the rules committee said. Despite the good results, some other members are concerned.

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“So far there haven’t been too many problems, but you never know with these sorts of things. It’s not the boy’s fault that they can’t just keep it in their pants for 8 hours a day. Eyelashes are so obscene.” another member said. Others have concurred that this will lead to less strict dress codes in the future.

“It’s a very taunting path to go down.” a member said. “First, they’re asking to show their eyelashes. What if, at some point, they ask to have their shoulders revealed? God, can you imagine? How will the boys ever be able to concentrate?” Some of the female students are quite happy with the changes. “I know that my body is entirely just a sexual object in the eyes of society, so of course I should have to cover everything up. It’s perfectly natural for adults to look at young female bodies and tells them to cover it up, because it’s a distraction.

” one student said. The revisions to the boys dress code now requires them to wear a shirt, if they feel like it.