Dress Code Should Be Stricter

Dress code in North Babylon High School should be stricter. Not only on the students but the teachers too. I like having my freedom to wear what I want, but people overdue the “no dress code” rule.

There is no reason why it is freezing outside and girls are wearing short skirts and spaghetti straps. Hats, scarfs, any headgear should also be forbidden in school. The rules are probably there but they are not enforced. Having a stricter dress code will eliminate school violence and keep a better focus in class. Boys pants hang all the way down to their knees.

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No one should have to look at their behind. It’s also hard for anyone to concentrate in class when a girl comes to school half dressed. Clothes are a big distraction in school. By having a stricter dress code, It will hopefully teach a young lady self respect. Having a stricter dress code will also save teachers’ time so they won’t have to say “Take off your hat”, “Pull up your pants”, or “Put a jacket on.

” The idea of dress code is to teach discipline. Also this will ultimately reduce pressure and offences to others. No student will have to worry about the new trends, who has it and who doesn’t. Many kids get bullied for wearing certain clothes. A stricter dress code will eliminate some bullying.

I interviewed some students about the dress code and they all said, “I like our dress code. We get to wear whatever we want. School is all about appearance.” That is sad. School is about education and appearance shouldn’t even be a important factor in school. Having a stricter dress code takes off the stress of people’s nice things getting stolen or damaged.

School is a place where students and staff should feel safe. With no dress code, gang members flair out and wear their gang affiliated clothing and it threatens people. Having a stricter dress code in North Babylon High School will make the school environment a better place overall. It’s less worries on everybody. I feel like if an important person was to come to North Babylon and see the way the students dress, they would go crazy.

Everyone just wearing what they want gives off an idea like “nobody cares and there’s really no discipline.” Coming from a different school and seeing the way dress at North Babylon , I was really surprised. It was kind of a relief because I can just get up and go literally. Then seeing other students dress so provocatively, I was stunned. The dress code in North Babylon should be stricter to make the discipline more effective, to eliminate gang violence, to not waste teachers’ time, and to just have a better school environment overall.