Reverse the Dress Code

Dear School Board, The new dress code you are enforcing on the students is ridiculous. I can’t understand were you construed this idea. For years kids and adults alike have expressed themselves through their clothing. Stopping kids’ expression can be acrimonious to creativity and positive thinking. I stand not only as a successful business entrepreneur, but as a distraught parent.

I was considering sending my children to your school for a good education and this policy will only cap their potential. The duplicity of your actions could have egregious consequences. Students still are kids, and schools will still have discipline problems. Students might rebel because of lack of choice, causing more problems. Teachers must then learn to tolerate the shenanigans, wasting more time.

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Overall I think the school is making an elicit mistake in changing the dress code. I’ve decided to give my children the impunity from your formal attire tyranny. I allow all my employees wear casual clothing and we have grown to be successful. So please don’t let this pernicious issue ruin the creativity of young minds and those of future generations to come. Sincerely, Larry Page