Why There Should Be a Mandatory Dress Code for Nurses

February 5th, 2014Dear Teen Ink,Have you ever worn something to school and was told to change because your school has a dress code? I have. I believe that dress codes cause boys and girls to not express who they are and without that, it will be harder to be who they are. We all deserve respect for what fashion we are interested in.

If fashion is one of the ways they want to express who they are, then you have to let them.Some of the dress code rules are wearing chains, your pants too low, shirts that show your stomach, inappropriate jewelry and hats. I agree that boys shouldn’t be able to have their pants so low that you can see their underwear, girls shouldn’t be able to show they’re chest but their lower stomach should be acceptable. Hats aren’t bad so I’m not sure why we wouldn’t be allowed to wear them during school. If you want to wear jewelry, then you should be able to.

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When people say we should be ourselves, then they have to let us no matter what it takes. It makes us feel more comfortable around our peers and more accepted by our society because we learned at an early age to be ourselves. Not to be scared of being judged for what we like!Its our body, we can show it off as much as we want within reason. It shouldn’t be anyone elses choice to what we wear. If we are comfortable with what we are wearing, then let us wear it.In conclusion, I think that the superintendents and principals should have a meeting and rethink the school rules.

This might be why everyone is so insecure about themselves. I hope in the future they decide to change the rules so kids learn earlier in life to be who they would like to be and to express themselves in different ways.Sincerely,SidneyFrom North Shore Middle School