Drug Use

Drug Abuse”80 percent of people who are arrested and placed in prison abuse either drugs or alcohol. Of those who are in prison, about half are clinically addicted to one substance or another” (“Prison Time for Drug Users | Dual Diagnosis”).

Many people abuse drugs and have to be hospitalized. The punishment for purchasing drugs or selling them could be jail time. Illegal drug use is a crime, can affect mood and emotion, and hurt your physical health.Illegal drug use is a punishable crime. Users or sellers could serve anywhere from two years to life if convicted.

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(“Drug Dealing and Drug Sales Charges”)The drugs that many people have taken all the time is really getting them in trouble and taken to jail for a maximum of ten years or longer. These drugs are very illegal in most parts of the world and most states have not banned them and people are still buying them and selling them to other people who can’t afford them.Many people that take drugs have affected their mood and emotions and how much sleep they get each night and why most people are really mean and negative every day because the terrible drugs have affect their health and people have gone to see their doctor because of the drugs they took they didn’t know that was wrong. These drugs have put people in terrible health conditions and put them in the hospital and in jail and many people have died because the drugs can be bad for you and you can’t stop it in time and it can make people really mad.(“Effects of Drug Abuse”) “Drug abuse hurts the people who take drugs and the people around them.

The body and brain can have a lot of damage forever. Health problems and drugs can happen at the same time”. Many drugs are abused with substances that people use to get different moods.Drugs can be used as a diseaseand so can drug addiction can be a terrible habit in most people. Drugs can cause physical and behavioralproblemsIn conclusion the use ofdrugs has put many people in the hospital. If people get caught purchasing and selling drugs they are arrested and can spend a maximum of ten years in jail.The use of illegal drugs is not only a crime but can also harm you physically,mentally and emotionally.