Drug Issues

Dear Drug Law Enforcement, From 2016 to now, death rate has increased 58% due to drugs. Drugs are a major issue that plagues our city but nothing is being done about it. Yes people who make, and transport drugs should be put in jail, but the people who struggle and are addicted should get help. I’m making this letter because I hate to see people surrounded by drugs and having to do with drugs struggling.

The Drug Law Enforcement should attend to them. I think that people caught doing drugs, selling/ dealing, or having possession of drugs should have a short jail time with a low fine payment. After, they should be put in a drug rehabilitation program. Instead of fixing the problem, you’re really doing nothing but marginalizing them. According to FAS, the Drug Law Enforcement prohibits drug interactions unless for medical use but in a way, many people are “seeing or thinking” that you(The Drug Law Enforcement) is not a man of your word. Stephen Covey states,”Honesty is making your words conform to reality.

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Integrity is making reality conform to your words.” If you don’t keep your word you cannot be an effective leader. Integrity is essential.No one is showing proof of fixing this problem. I have proof of that because statistics show that it’s only getting worse and worse.

Some people use drugs to escape/relax then instantly become addicted. Others sell drugs because they need money for things such as : food, bills, and for their family.I know this because I know many people who do these things and see it around my neighborhood all the time. For those who disagree just imagine yourself in their situation. You’d do anything to get money for your family, or anything to take away some negative feelings. Now put yourself in my position andsee how all these people suffer, especially when you know someone close to you in a situation like that.

When someone you care for so much issituation like that you are affected too because you’d hate to see them struggle; you’d want to help. If the Drug Law Enforcement doesn’t figure out what can make people stop being conflicted with drugs,then not only will death rate caused by drugs increase, but drugs would be introduced to many others (including teens).People in charge of drug transportation/dealing will gain more profit. But soon with more of your undivided attention drugs won’t be introduced to teens and disrupting families because if the problem is handled then there wouldn’t be anyone to hand the substances in the direction towards the people of the future. How will the future be if drugs continue spreading making the problem far worse? There wouldn’t be a future.

Not only is it sad to see what drugs do and how it can have an emotional effect on others, but, it can also have an increase on HIV’s. AID’s is a syndrome caused by a virus called HIV which alters the immune system, making people more vulnerable to infections and diseases. I heard Jim Valvano’s ESPY speech and It stood out to me how people are paying more attention and putting in more money to AID’sinstead of a cure for cancer. Why don’t the people looking for a cure just prohibit people from getting it. By this I mean if the situation with drugs was better controlled then people wouldn’t even share their drugs or things used for the drugs because it wouldn’t be within their reach. With this letter and your help the spread of diseases will have a decrease, and on top of that drugs wouldn’t be a major issue that plagues our city! Pay more attention to those who struggle, you may think you need help why should you help someone else? But everyone has their problems.

Solutions to this drug infestation is important because helping these people will most definitely lead to less drug use which can reverse increase in death rate and diseases caused by drugs. Actions speak louder than words, don’t just just have meetings on this topic but actually do something. If drugs plague our cities then imagine if it plagues the world. Horrible right? Well, it’d be your fault. But I am positive and certain that all of you hard-working people will NEVER allow that to happen and will fix this. When drugs are not a major issue that plagues our city you will be held accountable.

Not only is this a great responsibility but an interesting and life changing experience. Only you can make things better. Cordially, Angelina M