Facts on Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has been an issue for a while now , people have even been making programs to stop people from doing drugs. Around the world , 12 and older are the main ones who abuses drugs. Studies show “Over 20 million people hasused an illegal drug in the past 30 days” (Wilcox). Drug abuse will never stop being a problem, but we can still try to fix it. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug yet.

Alcohol is silently putting a spell on you , you take one shot then you can’t stop because it’s addicting. Then people turn into drug attics without even knowing. Alcohol also can give you health issues such as cancer, strokes, depression, suicide, and other severe issues. Most people automatically think that heroin/crack aredeadliest drugs but alcohol is proven #1 on charts, according to a text “It’s involved in more homicides than pretty much every other substance combined” (Pollack). Even though all drugs cause things to happen to you , graphs show alcohol is more likely to hurt you. Addiction is a disease that controls your decision and turn them into consequences.

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No , addiction doesn’t come fast , but it happens easily. This also harms your brain. Your brain is making you feel the need to take more drugs, this is called a “relapsing brain” (National Institute on Drug Abuse). It all starts with trying something , then you can’t stop because your brain is telling you to take more. Of course , drug abuse can be solved.

People take counseling or treatments to help also. Nowadays there are even electric cigarettes or gum to prevent you from using a actual drug. Not all addictions can be solved, but if you’re not deep into the addiction it’s still hope. People even made stories on recovery and how it all started (“Website”) For people who are abused by drugs, there’s a such thing called recovery! If you never tried a drug, I advise you not to because one you start, there’s no stopping. Recovery is out there and it can be resolved! Were now getting help and fixing what’s wrong.

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