Drugs and Consciousness

Abstract The paper seeks to focus on the effects of drugs on the members of the society. It also seeks to expound on what drugs are, their effects on the body and the repercussions of drug abuse. What is a drug? Any chemical when taken alters one’s body factions. Drugs are of different types, stimulants which usually stimulate the central nervous system e.g. caffeine, cocaine and amphetamines.

Depressant they usually slows the working of the central nervous system e.g. cannabis, alcohol and also glue. Hallucinogens they usually affects how one thinks and feels (Blackmore2005). Effects of drugsHallucinations, drugs when taken without proper description may distract the thinking capability of the taker hence making him not to reason properly hence even immobilizing his balancing.

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Drug may also lead to diseases like cancer when taken without proper administration hence leading to death. Addiction is another problem in people who usually take these drugs continually without minding their dozes for which they get enslaved to them making them to live on this drugs which force them into bad vices like stealing so that they can sustain their urge. (Austin, 2006). >What is consciousness? It’s a state of one being awake; this can be further explained as one being in the state of sound mind and can make sound decisions by himself. There is usually five stages of consciousness.

nest it’s the state at which one can see, smell, taste and use all of our senses, market state at which we use our thoughts and imaginations (Mitterer, 2008).Conclusion Drugs were invented to help people if only they are used in their proper dosage but also they can be harmful when they are used more than dosage so physician advice should be consulted fast.