Drugs and Behavior Study Guide for Exam 2

Drugs and Behavior Study Guide for Exam 2 Focus your studying on what we have discussed and spent time on in class. Don’t forget things we have discussed or done in class that are not in the book, such as video clips.

Technically, you are responsible for anything in the readings you have been assigned. The following are some suggestions to help you focus your study. Primarily study my Power Points for all of these chapters: Chapter 12 – Stimulants, whole chapter

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Cocaine (acute effects, history, other effects, speedballing, dangers of use, tolerance and sensitization, withdrawal, dangerous interactions with other drugs, health effects, effects on baby, treatment) Ephedrine Amphetamines (history, medical uses, effects) General neuronal effects and long-term effects (at least 2 differences between cocaine and amphetamines covered in class) Methamphetamine (mostly video we watched) Chapter – 10 and chapter 6 Sedatives and Inhalants 3 main types inhalants book covered and an example of each Basic effects on 2 slides (of solvents)

Different types of drugs our book lists as sedatives Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines (what are the differences between them? ) Example of a sleep-inducing drug What drugs are used as “date-rape drugs”? Prescription drug abuse Know names of people we discussed and at least 2 drugs that were in his/her system at death Basic diffs between OTC pain relievers What can we learn? Chapter 8 – Nicotine Only as far as we go in the Power Point on Monday For the following, I will try to ask questions that you should get if you were in class and paying attention: Methamphetamine Video 2 debates, 1 group presentation