Organized Crime Exam 2 Study Guide

Exam Review 3/28/13 10:32 AM Rockefeller and Standard Oil (2) Proliferation of organized crime caused by: • Collapse of Soviet Union • Explosion of global markets Primary businesses • Drugs • Arms • Human Trafficking – 3rd largest growing criminal industry o Article Handed out – On Test o 2 Components ? Labor ? Sex Trafficking o 1/3 of human trafficking resources come from craigslist Globalization and nexus of terrorism, differences from org crime • Terrorism is inherently an organization that destroys politics, organized crime nurtures and infiltrates politics.

Terr subvert government, org crime wants to maintain and run a parallel organiztion Where organized crime groups thrive • Tri-border coiuntries – ability to cross, human trafficking, etc. Al Queda • Using La Comorra to forge documents 3 different types of traditional organized crime • Sicilian • La Comorra from Sp prisons • L’Ndranga? Popular in Australia and Canada, origin in slums of Collabria, Italy 4 types • • • • of terrorism Criminal – profit, psychological gain Ecoterrorists

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Ideological terrorism – effort to change political power.

Mubarak in Egypt Nationalistic terrorism – terr activity that supports the interest of an ethnic or ____ group EX Afghanistan • State sponsored terrorism – state threaten to use violence internationally, N KOREA Theories behind org crime • Anomie – normlessness by Angle Durkheim. Robert Murton picked up on that theory. Break down his concept into GOALS and MEANS. 5 Categories of ppl o Conformity o Innovation o Ritualism o Retreatism o Rebellion

Edwin Sutherland Theory of_____ • Close, intimate personal groups teach you mechanics and justification for criminal behavior Shawn McCay • Concentric circles, Zone 2 the Zone of transition, where most crim activity is identified Theory of Olin – theory of relative deprivation and differential opportunity • 3 categories o Retreat o Conflict o Criminal Ethnic succession concept Motorcycle Gangs • 1%ers • Probate, Citizen, Run, Colors, Significance of Harley Davidson repair manual • 4 most notorious gangs • Who Sonny Barger is

Latino Organized Crime • Columbia – world’s primary cocaine industry.

o Political strife, civil war between wealthy landowners la Valencia o Castro overthrows Batista, how many narcotraffickers settle in N America o How Columbians began to export cocaine to Cuba, but eventually Cuba becomes their own organization o Medallin – first significant Columbian Cartel (Criminal Network resembling a holding company or corporation). Ocha family, primary family in the medallin cartel. ? Pablo Escobar – 1970s nothing but a drug dealer.

By 1980s, emerged to such power that he attempted to engotaiot with Columbian govt to forego xtradition. They refused, he continues to promote drug organizeiton until he was assassinated o Followed by Cali Cartel ? Elmhurst Jackson Heights in Queens NY – little Columbia ? The Rejula brothers founded it. Incarcerated • Mexico o PRI rule mexico for 70 years.

Taken over by opposition party under Vicente fox • • • • • o Drug trafficking – initially working with Columbians, ****For every 2kilos brought in, Columbians gave 1 free**** Eventually Mexicans establish their own contacts – grow a majority of cocaine in Bolivia and peru, operate independently of Columbia o Amazucas Cartel – distinct notoriety in Methamohetamine o Sonola Cotel – Gusman/El Chapo / Shorty – mentioned in an ARTICLE ? How most powerful drug traffickers run their business o Tijuana Cartel – borders San Diego. ? Operated by 7 brothers, 4 sisters. o Sonora Cartel – borders Arizona Dominican Republic o Notorious transshipment point o Uptown manhattan part of Washington Heights Known for moving large amts of heroin and crack cocaine v powder coke MS13 o El Salvador formed o Notoriously violent in el Salvador and N America La M o Prison based gang o Rely on wholesale violence o Now rivals a second Mexican-American Gang LA NUESTRA FAMILIA o Mexican Mafia still fueds with them o Primary business since it was formed in prisons is providing heroin in the Mexican prison system ARTICLE A JOURNEY INTO HELL – Not on test ***** 3/28/13 10:32 AM 3/28/13 10:32 AM