Final Exam Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide The following are broad / general questions that students should be able to answer after having completed this course. Note that these are not specific questions taken from the final exam; these questions are to be used as a guide to Judge how well you know the material. (NOTE: Did you notice the specific study strategy that is encouraged by the format of this study guide? ) Success in College What are the different types of learning styles? Why can failure be a good thing? What is the difference between fixed and growth views of intelligence?

Study Tips What are the best strategies to use in the classroom? What are the best strategies for studying? What are the best strategies that can help students on an exam? Psychology Curriculum What are the required psychology courses? Why are Statistics and Research Methods particularly important? What is the basic sequence in which courses should be taken? Psychology Research Labs What kind of research do psychology professors conduct? What are the different types of professors? What benefits are there to working in a psychology research lab? Psychology Organizations

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What are the large organizations in psychology? What psychology organizations are available for students on campus? How can students benefit from psychology organizations? Library Skills What are the major search engines used in psychology? What are the major advantages of these search engines? Do you know how to use these search engines? APA Formatting What are the major sections in an APA style paper? What are the basic formatting rules in APA style? What is the best way to avoid plagiarism? Careers with a B.

A. What kind of Jobs do psychology majors typically get? How is this related to majors/ minors?

What are some resources that students can use to help find a Job? What are some guidelines that should be followed when creating a resume? Graduate School in Psychology What are the different types of degrees offered in psychology? How do the different graduate degree programs differ from each other? Which programs are the easiest / most difficult in terms of gaining admission? Preparing for Graduate School What is typically included in a graduate school application? What is typically included on a CV? What are the biggest problems that can negatively affect a student’s application? By Emily-Avendano