Gr. 7 Religion Final Exam Study Guide

GRADE 7 RELIGION FINAL EXAM REVIEW HANDOUT / STUDY GUIDE In addition to reviewing the notes, handouts, tests, and quizzes, you are encouraged to review the following list of key concepts, terms, and people for the final exam. • the Bible (review information booklet) • Old & New Testament [Hebrew & Christian Scriptures] (review notes & charts) • the books of Torah • Gospel (books, meaning) • religious celebrations / seasons and their respective symbols and concepts – Last Supper Advent (symbols relating to the Advent Wreath, Jesse Tree, Candy Cane) – Passover (significance of the event, meaning of types foods used in the meal) • significance of Abraham & Sarah and their relationship with God • parables (meaning, purpose) • values (meaning, types, examples) • Profession of Faith (importance and meaning of the Nicene & Apostle Creed) • People are created in the image & likeness of God • Bible passage notations (ex.

Mark 1:4-12) • Significance of Mount Sinai • Ten Commandments (What are they? Meaning & purpose) • Details surrounding the death & resurrection of Jesus (ex. pproximate date, who he first appears to) • God as the “lovng Father” and parent • How should we pray? • Four steps to follow when making a moral decision • As Creator, God is the source of all that is • story of Creation • Co-operating in creation with God • The significance of the various important days in Lent: Ash Wednesday Holy Thursday Good Friday Easter Sunday • The Stations of the Cross • The effects of “nicknames” • The various titles given to Jesus and their meaning • The inscription “INRI” on the cross and its meaning • The origin and meaning of the Lord’s Prayer Jesus’ teaching about common sense • God’s way is not the way of quick and easy answers, but of genuine and patient love • God’s various teachings relating to the Kingdom of God • Jesus as the model of holiness • Jesus is fully human and divine • The three districts of Israel at the time of Jesus • Where was Jesus born What district did Jesus die in? _ What was the capital of Palestine, in Jesus’ time? • The various Jewish responses to the Roman occupation • The relationship between Samaritans and Jews • God’s plan for creation • The judgment of Jesus Vocabulary Terms:Creed Gospels Old Testament Torah New Testament parable Bible Scripture BCE covenant trust Exodus Last Supper Ten Commandments “to covet” Passover Advent Advent wreath Kristkindl Jesse Tree Advent Calendar Litany dignity creation procreation stewardship co-creation Lent purple vestments “lencten” “forty” Catechumens abstinence fasting Sacraments of Initiation almsgiving Golgotha “washing of the feet” passion of Jesus crucifixion resurrection Saviour Lord Christos Messiah Lamb of God Son of David Son of God Son of Man “God saves” Sabbath true happiness Kingdom of God the Beatitudes temptations grace The virgin birth The Immaculate Conception Incarnation Judea Galilee Samaria Jerusalem The Roman Occupation The Hail Mary heaven purgatory hell repentance conversion true goodness Terms Relating to People or Groups: Abram Sarai Pharaoh Abraham Sarah Hagar Ishmael Isaac Moses Israelites St. Nicholas Santa Claus Catechumens Jesus Pharisees Judas Peter Pontius Pilate Barabbas Rabbi Priests Prophets Mary Samaritan Herod

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