Drugs Are Bad For Health

Dear Fellow Teenagers, My mom started crying.

I asked her what’s wrong ? She said, ” that her step brother just died from drug addiction.” She was upset at the world because of it. At the funeral she was crying so bad. When my brothers and I seen my step uncle laying there in his casket, we started crying. I told myself that I would never be like him.

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I told myself that I would be better than him. I am here to persuade you that drugs are bad for you, and your heart. Many people die 14 years earlier because of drug addiction. People who don’t do drugs live a lot longer, unless they are sick or in a accident. I have witnessed people die because of drugs.

There is a lady that my brother Moses Daniels knows. She had 2 sons. 1 was named Matt and he was bad in school. Her other son was named Jeff. Jeff was an A+ student. Jeff was a Senior.

Jeff was doing drugs everyday and his friends knew. He did this his whole Senior year. Jeff decided that he wanted to take a pill. His mom left a note on the fridge saying we need to talk, then she went to work. When she got how an ambulance and police men were at her house. She thought Jeff got caught with weed, so she said no big deal.

The ambulance guy said, “I’m sorry to tell you that your son died. She was crying and screaming. The next day Jeff was suppose to graduate and go to college. Drugs are also bad for health. Your lungs turn black every time you smoke.

If you keep smoking your lungs will get dark and your kidneys may not be able to clean your blood. This may cause a heart attack, a stroke, you can pass out, or you can be in coma for a very long time. As you can see drugs, hurts people in a lot of ways. I don’t believe that drugs are the key to success.