Duncan Yoyo Marketing Plan

The yo-yo boom unfortunately ended when Duncan went bankrupt in the late 1960s, expensive lawsuit to protect the yo-yo trademark from competitors forced the Duncan family out of business. Flambeau Products, who made Duncan’s plastic yo-yo models, then took over the company and still owns it to this day (Duncan Toys Company A Division of Flambeau 2008). One of Duncan’s successful marketing strategies was in 1995, TV advertisement with he “Video Boy” commercial which airs nationwide. Commercial positioned yo-yo as Britain and Japan to become yo-yo hotspots.

In 1997, Duncan enters into a licensing agreement with Coca-Cola, producing 18 different designs and in 2002, Duncan purchased the assets of Playmaxx Inc and officially securing its position as the number “one” Yo-yo manufacturer in the world (Duncan Toys Company A Division of Flambeau 2008). In a fast pace technology world, yo-yos popularity among the kids continue to decrease with other substitutes of more advanced fun games and toys (ABC Transcript 2003). The Duncan name and trademark has continued to be marketed in anticipation of its next comeback.

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