Marketing Plan Work Sheet

Marketing Plan Worksheets( Sources: Pride, W. M. , Elliott, G. , Rundle-Thiele, S.

, Waller, D. , Paladino, A. & Ferrell, O. C. (2007).

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Marketing: core concepts and applications (2nd asia-pacific edition). Milton, Qld: John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. (Text used in Marketing Fundamentals BU1008) These worksheets are designed to assist you in writing a formal marketing plan. By answering the questions on these worksheets, you will be able to organize the information you collect about a company or organization.

In addition, these orksheets will help ensure that you do not leave out important information or parts of the marketing plan.

Note also that these worksheets are meant to be a flexible guide that can be adapted to the unique requirements of a specific marketing plan. A sample marketing plan can be found in Appendix 1, Pride et al. , 2007, p. 475, Since there is no one best way to organize a marketing plan, this outline should serve as a starting point. Your instructor may provide you with a different format or ask that you include additional information not contained in this outline.

These orksheets are flexible enough to accommodate any changes your instructor might make.

Marketing Plan Worksheets l. Executive Summary The executive summary is a synopsis of the overall marketing plan. The executive summary is easier to write if you do it last, after you have written the entire marketing plan. II. Situation Analysis A. The Marketing Environment 1 .

Competitive Forces a) Who are our major competitors as of today? What are their strengths and weaknesses? b) Who are likely to be our major competitors in the future? c) What response can we expect from our competition if we change our marketing mix? How does the structure of the industry affect competitive forces in the industry? 2. Economic Forces a) What is the general economic condition of the country, state, city, or local b) What is the buying power of consumers in our target market(s)? c) What are the current spending patterns of consumers in our target market(s)? Are consumers buying less or more of our product and why? 3. Political Forces a) Have recent elections changed the political landscape? What type of industry controls do our newly elected politicians favour? b) What is our company doing currently to maintain good relations with elected olitical officials?

Have these activities been effective? Why or why not? 4. Legal and Regulatory Forces a) What changes in federal, state, or local government regulation are being proposed that would affect the way we operate? 5. Technological Forces a) What impact has changing technology had on our target marke