Marketing Plan for a New Hospital

Abstract This paper is talking about a marketing plan for Amcare hospital. Amcare hospital is a brand new private hospital in Beijing — the capital of China. Nowadays China has more than 1. 3 billion people, in Beijing there are about 20 millions residents, compared with such a large population base, the medical resources are quite limited, which means there are great potential opportunity for a new hospital.

In this marketing plan, i demonstrate the mission statement of Amcare hospital, described the target market, analyze the SWOT and STEER of this new hospital, finally there are sales projections about the best and the worst case scenario. 1 Mission statement Amcare Hospital is dedicated to providing professional, comprehensive, tailored healthcare services to our patients. Amcare Hospital will assess the healthcare needs of patients and respond to these needs. 2 Executive Summary Who are we?

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Amcare hospital is a private hospital operated in an American way, this is the first meaning for Amcare, it is totally different with China’s local hospital, we pay more attention to our service and environment, although family healthcare is a new concept in China, our goal is to be the best family healthcare center. What we do? Provide tailored healthcare service is our mission, we always try to satisfy our patients and their family’s needs. We are not only focus on cure illnesses, we also try to help the community maintain healthy.

Expanded Description 3. 1 Service Amcare hospital will provides medical services for routine health matters, on-going health conditions, and well-woman gynecological services. Besides this, we also offer humanization and individuation service to the patients. For example, in our pediatric department we supply American immunization schedule for those family just stay in China for a short time. Except these special medical service, we accept international insurance direct billing.

Through our advanced appointment system, patient just need a call to to make a appointment which is different with China’s local hospital. 3. 2 Family healthcare Family healthcare is a brand new concept in China. Family Healthcare is a comprehensive, primary care that provides excellent medical and dental care to anyone and everyone who needs it. In simple terms, Amcare hospital is not a specialist hospital, we have medicine, dental, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatric, physical check-up department.

3. 3 Environment

In Amcare hospital, all the wards are single room with bath room inside, according to size and facility, there are three different types for patients:standard room, family room, VIP room. For example,i n family room there is an extra bed for family members. If without those medical equipment, our hospital totally like a hotel. 4 Market description 4. 1 Target market Target market means a specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services.

Target customers are those who most likely to buy. For Amcare hospital, target customers are three different groups.

The first one is foreigners, according to the bureau of statistics of beijing, at the end of 2011, there about 100,000 American and European, 200,000 Koreans and 20. 000 Japanese live in Beijing. The second group is employees in multinational companies and the last group is overseas returnees. 4.

2 Needs of target customers As i mentioned above, our target customers are those kinds who received high education and good income, the characteristics of these groups are they have higher requirement about service and environment and pay less attention to price. 5 Competition

According to target market, those local hospital in Beijing are not our competitors, our mainly competitor is United family hospital, this is the first private hospital in Beijing was opened in 1997, through more than ten years effort, they earn an excellent reputation in beijing’s market, but there is a significant weakness, the price are extremely high, the ordinary white-collar cannot afford such a high price. There are some other small international clinics only works on special area, so the competition is not very tough. 6 Distribution Channel 6. 1 Media

For a brand new hospital, we will use social media such as TV, magazines, internet to promote our hospital, advertising is most effective when customer awareness about a service is minimal.

6. 2 Corporation membership In terms of China’s rapid growth of economic and large population, there are many multinational set up branch company or office in Beijing, so we could cooperate with those corporation, give some discounts to their staff. 6. 3 Insurance membership Membership benefits all the participants, we could work on both domestic and international insurance company. SWOT Analysis 7. 1 Strengths The strengths of Amcare hospital are good and comfortable environment, professional and patient-oriental service, less expensive price.

Compared with local hospital, our service are much better, compared with out mainly competitor, our price are more attractive. 7. 2 Weaknesses For a new business, no unified corporate culture is the first weakness we should overcome, corporate culture reflects the core value of that company and is the guideline for what they should do and how to do.

All of our staff are hired from different hospital with different background, we need at least one year to forming a stable team with Amcare style. The second weakness is lack of market recognition, people does not know who we are, and weather we do supple a professional medical service, no one wants to take adventure with their health.

7. 3 Opportunities China’s medical market was controlled by government for a long time, until now nearly 95% local hospital are still state-owned.

Only recently years foreigner investment and private investment are allowed to come into medical market, at the same time, aging population increased day by day, there is great demand of medical service. To some extent nowadays we call healthcare industry are sunrise industry which shows the great potential market opportunity. Another opportunity for Amcare hospital is location, we located in the capital, many transnational company and embassy make sure that we donnot need to worry about the resource of target customers. 7.

4 Threats

Not only in China, many countries confronted with enormous challenges from aging population, there are is great demand of skilled nurse and doctors. Every year, many other countries come to China to hire nurse who can speak English, we called this brain drain, this phenomenon will lead our hospital more difficult to hired quified workers and increased our labor cost. Another threats is black sheep syndrome, there are some private hospital located in southern part of China, there are use false information cheating customers in order to earn more money, after broadcasting by medial, people will lack confidence about private hospital. STEER Analysis 8. 1 Socio-Culture impact In China, especially those old age group donnot trust private hospital, i want through our effort, people turn to have a positive impression about private hospital, we are caring more about our service and our patient’s satisfaction than our profits.

8. 2 Technology Few industries are more greatly affected by technology than health care. Technology refers to the innovations or inventions from applied science and research. As new technology enters the market, the existing products or service are pushed out.

For my new hospital, one of the most important is our patients information system, through this system we share the information with front desk, nurse station, doctor office lab and some other support departments, this is an elemental factor that make sure we provide our service effectively. 8.

3 Ecological Requirement When mentioned hospital, people always connect with these words: virous, bacterial, infectious. Amcare hospital will set up a special department to control asepsis, our orientation is to be an environment-friendly hospital. 8. 4 Economic Potential

Nowadays in China, because of the aging population and large population base, medical industry considered to be sunrise industry. If a hospital achieve the commitments to their patients, there will be a great economic potential. 8.

5 Regulation factor Regulation consists of the rules or restrictions placed on hospital by central or state governments. Within health care, there is a wide array of regulations pertaining to the delivery of care. In China, there are many detailed regulations about a hospital how to pricing, distribution and promotion. What we can do is just government compliance. 9 Benchmarks 9. 1 New patients rates

Through diversity marketing tools, attract customers to come to our hospital is not difficult, but how to change the trial purchase to be repeat volume is what we should work on.

In the first year, if our new patients rate keep increasing10% every month can be considered customers accredit what we have done. 9. 2 Satisfaction rates From the very beginning, we will conduct our patient satisfaction survey, the basic requirement of satisfaction rates should above 96%. 9. 3 JCI certification JCI is short for joint commission international, is one of the groups providing international healthcare accreditation services to hospitals round the world and brings income into the U. S.

-based parent organization. This not-for-profit private company currently accredits hospitals in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized worldwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards. Now in China, only 15 hospitals got this certification, until at the end of 2012,untied family hospital is the only private hospital passed JCI accreditation.

If my hospital could pass JCI certification, it will be a milestone in Amcare’s history.

10 Customer service 10. 1 Policy Our customer service policy is treat every customer with equal respect and be flexible to satisfy there needs. 10. 2 Organization Customer service organization composed of three groups: assistant, representative, manager. Assistant will be responsible for paper work and do some basic job, this position will supply for those just graduate from school and do not have much experience about customer service.

Representative are mainly responsible for maintain relationship with customers, every customer in Amcare will have their own customer service representative, no matter what kind of problem they meet, their representative will take care of their issues. The highest lever is manager, this position will control the whole department and deal with complain. 11 Sales projections 11. 1 Best case scenario As the above graphic showing, the best case scenario is both the total number of patient and new patients keeps growing. The estimate maximum point will come be 360 after one and half year’s effort. 1.

2 Worst case scenario this is the worst case scenario, for a hospital, patient is everything. Without continuous new patients, a hospital is not far from closed. Conclusion Open a new business is not easy, especially my dream is open a hospital provide medical service. this marketing plan includes many things from understanding my target market ,what our target customer needs and my competitive position in that market, to how can i intend to reach that market and differentiate Amcare from our competitor in order to make a sale.

Due to China’s rapid economic growth and large population, this market full of opportunities, but as a new one in this market, Amcare hospital still face lots of challenges. Bibliography Actual and projected percentage of people above 65 in China (partial data from Leeder et al.

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