As I look up and down this tall, towering Fraser fir in my living room, I began to think.

Where did this tree come from? Did it come from a seed or did it come from another tree? The truth is, I don’t know about this tree, because we didn’t cut it down, it was brought down from another farm 2.5 hours away. Usually, my family and I will trek through a Christmas tree farm and look for the perfect tree to put up in our house, our home. This year, we didn’t. But there is more to that then where it came from. The fact that some people would bring down 100 trees for others to buy, just so they can throw them up in their living rooms, and then throw them out 3 weeks later.

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We shouldn’t be throwing trees away, let alone transporting them and wasting tons of gas, that pollutes the air! We spend so much money to do these things that are unnecessary for us to live, and then we just throw it away. Take a look at how we all waste food. We go to restaurants thinking “Oh yeah, I’m going to come here and eat tons of food” But in truth, you are going to eat some food, and leave it there for others to throw away.THROW AWAY. No.

There are thousands, no, millions of hungry people out there who would kill for that food. If you aren’t going to eat it, don’t buy it. Don’t waste your money on pointless food for yourself when you could donate that money to buy food for others. So, what is the point of bringing loads of trees for us to put up in our house. Trees that produce oxygen. Oxygen for us to breathe.

We throw it away. Like we are throwing the earth away with our waste. I know that this post is a jumble of world issues and I’m scattering around the world with problems. But they are real and this tree relates. It relates because eventually it will become waste. Eventually everything will become waste.

Just some sooner. We will ruin the world. We will kill the earth.