Easter Island

Easter is coming up in just a couple of days. It is a holiday celebrating the date of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is often associated with eggs and bunnies and chocolate. But similarly, there was another event that took place hundreds of years ago, that shares a similar name with Easter, and one that should be acknowledged for its strange tale as well.

That event is the disappearancepeoples of Easter Island. Located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean , Easter Island was once inhabited by more people than the island could hold. At first, one Polynesian family discovered the island; they settled there and became farmers, and soon bred a whole community. In the beginning, Easter Island was an island filled with trees, but by the time it became overcrowded, the trees slowly began to disappear. And soon, the people who had once settled there vanished, too. Completely.

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However, strangely enough, the people did not disappear before leaving enormous statues of faces all over the island. So many, and so advanced, that when people would rediscover the island once again, the legacy of the inhabitants would not be lost nor forgotten. Today, the mystery of how these people built such great sculptures, and why, still remains unsolved. But Easter Island has become a place of great tourist interest and attraction. Furthermore, the island name doesn’t seem to be a coincidence.

Because if Easter suggests the resurrection of Christ, then maybe Easter island suggests the resurrection of the people who had disappeared from the island hundreds of years ago.