Island Report

Purpose As requested, this report is an assessment of the suitability of Fiji Island for package holidays.

The report summarizes the main attractions as well as the accessibility and accommodation. Location and access The Fiji islands are located in the Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Australia, therefore the most convenient way of traveling to the island is by plane or by boat. Once on the island, traveling from the airport is possible by using the public transportation such as busses or taxis. Busses run from the airport or the center of the island to any attraction every 15 minutes during the day and every1 hour during the night.

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Accommodation and restaurants The island aims to provide traditional and authentic Fiji accommodation. This is achieved through the use of bungalows instead of hotels with lined ceilings and thatched roofs.

The result is stylish, comfortable and caters for all tastes. There are a lot of restaurants on the island and Fiji’s food is a veritable melting pot of cultural influences from all over the world. However, because of the island’s politics, most of the restaurants close before 10 pm and if tourists want a certain type of restaurant, they have to make a reservation in advance.

Tourist attractions Fiji Island offers a wide range of attractions and activities that visitors enjoy such as sailing, scuba-diving, dolphin watching or shopping tours. Also, the island is provided with an open-air fitness where the tourists can relax. However, the prices of this facility are higher in the summer period due to the big number of visitors.

Recommendation In conclusion, due to Fiji’s natural beauty as well as the modern facilities, it represents one of the most visited islands and would be able to provide the facilities necessary for a perfect packaged holiday.