Ebay Case on Logistics

Golbal Business Policy Summary: Ebay‘s logistics system has problems Ebay’s delivery really has problems, and some time the products are delivered slowly, because ebay does not have their own logistics system as Wal-mart. They must rely on ups or some other delivery company to send the products.

Questions: 1 Dose ebay’s current logistics system has effect on the daily business? 2 what is the difference between ebay’s logistics and wal-mart’s logistics? 3 How to improve the whole logistics system?

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Do you have the experience on waiting too long time for just one order which from very nearby of your location? Sometime the products can arrived at the estimate date, but they are really slowly! If the customers want the staff quickly, they have to add more money on delivery, so the most people choose to buy staff on Wal-mart or Amazon. The daily really be effected by the logistics. As we all know, Wal-mart has its own logistics, and they deliver the products from the inventory and use their own drive ways, so they can send the products as soon as possible.

But the difference is that ebay has no inventory, this maybe a good news for ebay, because it is simple for ebay to establish a new system without considering the inventory. Recommendations: improving the speed of the shipping: establish “ebay’s logistics system” One of the most successful factors on Walmart is their logistics system, and nowdays after reducing cost, improving work efficiency, logistics management becomes the third profit-point. If the ebay have the dependent logistic system, the products can be shipped quickly with low prices, the buyers may likely to choose the eaby not the amazon.

At the same time, if we management the logistic system successfully, other company may rent the ebay logistic service to ship their products. The ebay can make money from that! Ebay logistic systerm Ebay logistic systerm Retailors Retailors Retailors Retailors Other company Other company Buyers Buyers Other company Other company Ebay sellers Ebay sellers Lessons I learned from the case: logistics is the key point for online shopping Logistics is most import part of product service.

Most people buy staff from internet because they don’t want to go out, and they just want to stay at home to wait for products. Customers pay the money for delivery and hope the products can come as soon as possible. If it takes a long time for delivery, customers may not choose to buy for a second time. Sometime, the speed of the delivery determines the sales of the website. Remaining questions: what is the most difficult part for ebay to establish their own logistics system?