There are a lot of things we are taught in school nowadays that we don’t really need to learn to be function and be successful in life. Its irritating to me that I sit in some classes learning something I know I will never use, and I know there are other students like me who feel this way. Therefore, I think the education system and curriculum students are taught in high school should be changed to better educate them on what they actually need to be able to do in real life. The worst part of sitting in a class learning something you won’t use is that, it wastes huge amounts of time that you could better spend on something else, like a job. With the way that high school is as of now it is hard to have a job and be in school in grades nine, ten, and eleven and have free time for yourself.

That is because in those grades you have a lot more classes you need to pass in order to graduate, most of them teaching stuff you don’t really need. In twelfth grade you have a lot of control over your schedule, you can make it so that all the classes you need are certain days of the week which makes it so you only have to come on those days. Having control over your schedule like that can make it so that you can learn what you need to learn and have time to live your life, work a job, or have more free time. The only problem here is that you are not obtaining all the knowledge you absolutely need to be successful in life. I think that there are a lot of people who when they are done high school they don’t know where to go, what to do, or even if they have their life somewhat together, there are still things that confuse them.

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This can be blamed partly on people not learning everything they need to learn, only what they are required to learn, in school. I personally don’t enjoy the thought of when I am done with school, that there are going to be a lot of things I will struggle to get the hang of by myself. People say that by being taught things in school “teaches us how to learn” what I don’t understand is, if that is true then why are we still learning things that aren’t going to help us in real life, why not just learn things that will help us while at the same time we “learn how to learn”. High school should be what prepares you for most experiences you will have in your life and for what you want to do in college and life, not just what you are required to go through. I’m interested in becoming a pharmacist later down the road and none of the classes I take now, except for chemistry, really prepare me for what I will have to do and learn in college to make being a pharmacist more than an interest.

I think a student’s schedule in high school and the curriculum they are taught should be more flexible and depend on what the student is trying to do later on in their life. This could be made possible if even more money was spent on the education system, so that every student could truly customize their curriculum and schedule in school. It has been proven that your grades in school have no direct correlation to how successful and skilled you are in your career as an adult. Once again, school should be something that prepares you to meet your end/mid goals in life, not something you go to for the sake of just “learning how to learn”. I have always had this problem with stuff we are taught, and never use outside, in school. The education system should be changed so that we use everything we are taught in someway, in our actual lives.In the end I believe the curriculum you are following should be based on your plans for your life, not what you are required to learn.