The Education System and School

The education system is too old. It has been designed for people in the 1900s, people keep using it because it works and they don’t think they need to change it.

I think everyone should take the basic subjects- math and language. They should take it to a certain extent because if you want to pursue a job that requires a lot of math knowledge like being a math teacher. You should take geometry, algebra, and calculus. These classes need to be taken on a Advanced level but if you are going to be a language teacher you really don’t need to take these classes. School with this education system is just a test to a child’s memory. It is meant to help us find our passion to what career path we want to pursue.

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It can’t help us is we are always bombarded with homework and tests on subjects we are not interested in. We have to take classes we don’t enjoy, which wasters time and you learn nothing from it. Not going to school happy is not good for a student. Concentrating for hours in classes is very stressful and tiring for students and can make them not like school (Psychology Today). The education system is making it as if a student does not do as well, he/she won’t be successful.

It is also implying that you have to go to college. “Core aspects of our education system were designed to meet the needs of students growing up in the 1950s” (The Sydney Morning Herald). In school they make us want to enjoy reading, but what they don’t make us read relevant texts. You read ancient texts and very old stories, which make the student dislike reading. Also this makes the students not explore or read other books and texts.

“Our top priority must be to instill a passion for reading. The progress of humanity depends on it”(Bundless). Schools are not aiming to improve the system and evolve. They are sticking with the same system that changed nothing, they still use it because it works. The education system stops many students from being successful and graducating. At an early age we are told what to do.

We follow a certain curriculum and society has led us to think that grades define who we are as students. Schools kill creativity and doesn’t inspire students to explore fields of interest. All in all the education system needs to change. It is way too outdated and the material they use is just sometimes holding students back. Like i said before, some students are not interested to take advanced class of math or science, they could be more interested in writing.

So this is why the education system needs to change.