Should Physical Education Classes Be Compulsory for High School Students?

To avoid many bad illnesses, it’s very important to do practice regularly. But not everybody bares it in mind. And if you don’t practice while you’re young, it will influence your whole future. Some teenagers don’t really care about this but they surely should. Students might not do any practice outside the school, but if physical education classes are compulsory, it will make them to do some exercise.

First of all, any kind of practice is good and useful for anybody.

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When we talk about doing exercise, these times’ students are a way lazier in comparison with their parents and grandparents. But students don’t really bear in mind how important the practice might be. In fact, it’s very important for their health. Practice will keep the health really good, even if they do it only once a week.

Furthermore, as it’s commonly known, practice can influence the way person looks. As a result, it can make them more attractive and good looking and it really matters.

For example, they could avoid obesity if they practiced regularly at least once a week. And as your muscles grow, while you’re doing the exercise, you can also avoid anorexia. Another big advantage of physical education classes in school is that teachers teach you how to play many sports. Therefore you know the rules of really many sports and it can make you really cool.

In summer 2010, I was on a holiday in Croatia. There were a lot of kids of my age so I became friends with them. Once we decided to go to the playground and play basketball.

Though, I wasn’t good at it at all, but a friend from Italy was quite smart when it came to sports. She told us the whole theory of playing basketball, and what’s more surprising, she was able to show us! We all asked her, if she plays basketball.

When she responded that no, they only learnt it in school on physical education classes, we were all just staring at her, amazed. At the end of the holiday, my skill in basketball was improved a lot! And at last, as well as it helps the students, it can help people, the country or maybe the whole world!

If there were more physical education classes, it would mean that there would be new working places! And in these times, unemployed people are one of the worst problems of the countries. On the other hand, this is not the only way how to help your country by physical education classes. Indeed you can also help only by yourself. That is if you find some talent for sports, you can make it to all kinds of Championships or even to Olympic Games! And you can similarly help the world by being mega talented, so you might become the best ever, break ecords, or, what is really appreciated, inspire children to do practice and sports, so that there are always some young athletes.

In short, if the physical education classes were compulsory, it could help to change the people, the country or the world. People would not be suffering horrible illnesses, instead of it, they would all look beautiful and cool and be smart. Your country wouldn’t have to care about problems about unemployed people. And the world would be richer of successful athletes.