Students Aren’t Thrilled About Physical Education

On september 12th, 2017 at 8:13 a.

m., Mr. Korth, a Phy. Ed. teacher is holding the P.

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A.C.E.R. Test for his 7th grade class in the small gym. P.

A.C.E.R. stands for Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run. The students were running laps across the gym hastily.

After the students were extremely tired out, they sit by the benches. “Keep it up!” said Mr. Korth, encouraging the students to reach their goal. For the P.A.C.

E.R. Test, there’s a number of laps you should reach for your age and gender. By the end of the P.A.

C.E.R. Test, many people complained issue of the P.A.

C.E.R. Test. “I just don’t like Phy.

Ed.” claimed a students that had the lap text that previous day. Another said, “It’s so tiring for me since I’m not participating in sports.” Many other enjoyed running laps in the gym. It was a very eventful Phy.

Ed. class for some of the 7thgrade students.