Physical Education

On January 8, 2015, at 8:45 in the gym of the Middle School kids are playing a game called planetball. The kids are supposed to throw the ball at the planets on the other side, trying to knock them down.

Whichever team has the last planet standing up wins. I noticed that most boys play more than most girls. I always see the girls just talking to each other when they are supposed to be playing the game. It has been proven that boys enjoy gym more than girls do. I know that because all boys in school treat gym like it’s the olympics.

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I can also just tell because all girls don’t treat it like that. All they do is talk to one another avoiding the physical games. A quote from wikipedia, “59% of girls participated in sport compared to the 80% of boys who participated.” That proves that boys like physical education more than girls do. It also proves that almost all boys around the world enjoy physical education a lot. One thing that we could do to help boys liking gym and girls not liking gym as much, schools could make all boys have an extra gym class and the girls that don’t like gym as much has less gym than they have.

That would help people a lot because then the people that want more gym could have more time to exercise and stay healthy. Another way that would help is that the people that want more gym would be able to have the amount of gym time they want to and they could have more fun during school.