Students Are Wasting Their Education

Many children today are wasting their educational potential by showing no effort, no care for grades, and irresponsible behavior.

They won’t turn homework in, which lowers their grade significantly. They also won’t pay attention in class or bother to ask questions, which hinders their ability to learn. Failing a class is a mere joke to them, and is ‘normal’ by their own standards as well as their fellow students’ standards. The letter grade ‘C’ is very common, remaining on many of their class averages. These students don’t care about their grades.

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They ignore the fact that this will hurt them when they are searching for a job. These students also show very irresponsible behavior through several acts. They will lose books and papers and use that as excuses to not do their work. Another irresponsible trait they have is expressed through being loud and rowdy in class, which frustrates teachers. They also are consistently talking instead of doing their work in class.

Other irresponsible and ignorant traits they possess include their inability to accept punishment or do the work when the teacher allows extra time to complete an assignment. By showing no effort, no care for grades, and irresponsible behavior, many children today are wasting the education freely given to them.