Education is the Freedom of the Mind

Education is far more important, than most in this world believe. As evidenced by the steam of the Arab Spring, people are beginning to doubt that education will lead them to a job. Many are beginning to form an opinion that education is not necessary to succeed in life; but to me, that is all rubbish. Education is the freedom of the mind; without education proper conduct and perception can not be achieved. Thus, this leads to the condition that the effect of ignorance, can not be disregarded for a greater world.Is ignorance a crime or just plain innocence? This question always always seems to remain unanswered, due to the many causes of ignorance.

However, illiteracy precludes citizens from effectively interpreting vital news and notices, especially for public safety. For example, if a town’s water was foul and diseased, paper notices would be put up informing the population not to drink the water, then it would most probably cause serious conditions or death. The ancient art of reading and writing, has shown a great deal of importance. Therefore, literacy is important for the interaction of common people or the “Superior Officials”.Most importantly, if only some were literate, this would strongly affect the economic system and wealth distribution.

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Suppose a particular region had a twenty five percent literacy rate, and the illiterate are only capable of farming; this would topple and collapse the national stability. Also, this would change the worldview of that particular nation.Consequently, it is our essential duty to maintain the literacy rates in a formidable modern world. I believe that most nations are capable of having almost 100% literacy rates, if education is mandatory, such as it is in the U.S., but still we have illiterate people.

Hence, we must realize that keeping people ignorant, will not improve the control over people, but energize the downfall of the control.