Education Issue

One of the biggest social issue in America nowadays is education. Most people often forget that there are Americans to this day that don’t go to school or they drop out when they get to high school, and there are multiple reasons for that. Either they need to help support their family or they just don’t because they don’t want to, but without a doubt education is important and everyone needs one. Without one, how will we ever learn, get a job, become successful, and have a balanced life? I believe that everyone needs one, liking it or not it’s still important. Education is the foundation of a successful life, and most of life is depended on one.

With education you can get a job, become successful, and live a balanced life. How will you ever learn basic information to use in life without an education? Every year about 1.8 million kids drop out of high school every year, that’s 7,000 a day. Most dropouts don’t get a steady job or they need to have multiple jobs to have a decent life. The number of dropouts is expected to go up in the year 2016 to reach about 2.

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2 million kids each year. Currently America is the 22nd out of 27 developed countries, this is counting the amounts of graduates and if the number of dropouts go up, America’s rating will go down. 13% of kids in America don’t go to school, and that number is expected to go up. These children don’t go to school for multiple reasons such as, poverty, need to help support their family, no schools nearby, their parents don’t want to go, or the children don’t want to go. This will be something serious in America soon and in the future we will see the outcome. People that don’t go to school can’t get a steady job because of lack of education.

Most times the life they get because of that is miserable. One of the biggest issues in America in my opinion is education and the Government should be more aware. Education is something that is easy to get in America, thanks to so many different types of school and schooling. Education is the foundation of a good and successful life and it’s really important to have one. With schooling you get so many different types of job choices and offers, with that you get a rewarding life because of your education.