The pressing issue of Junk food

Junk food/ fast food is America’s favorite diet, but eating too much junk food/ fast food has long-term problems and is a major issue in the USA. Americans should ban junk food in schools. However, eating junk food in school can cause lifetime health problems. Kids have a bigger chance of getting fat since parents won’t know what they buying in school. A lot of school should try to adapt to New Jersey’s schools because their schools meals have no more than eight grams of total of fat and no more than two grams of saturated fat in their food Junk food causes diseases in people if a lot of it is consumed. It causes heart disease, obesity, diarrhea, depression, nutrient deficiencies, and high blood pressure.

This can lead up to bigger problem in the worst-case death. Junk food contains few nutritional ingredients and is all processed. So, Kids should be aware of what they are eating. Kids get obese or overweight and worry when they know that they shouldn’t be eating that big of a portion. Some kids get obese or are obese already and are getting diseases from their eating habits from junk food/fast food. Kids and parents should be aware of their eating habits.

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Kid’s bad diets are causing them to be overweight. Kids are getting fat and people should be aware of it. America should reduce fast food restaurants. America’s population is 20% obese, 25% populations is a junk food diet. Their diet is leading them to be overweight. Everyone should be aware of not trying to get a junk food diet.

However this is important is because People are eating junk food because it tastes good. People that don’t have the money can’t get healthy food and are forced to buy junk food. Poor people have a minimum wage and don’t have a stove to cook on so they buy cooked food because it is easy and cheap. There is something bad about not reducing fast food/junk food. Poor people will just get unhealthy and can be even worse for them.

Poor people should go to a soup kitchen since it is healthier than junk food. America fast food/ junk food industry really needs to be more aware of how big the fast food proportion is. This is a big issue in America, which is leading into big problems. It’s time to an action against high calorie foods.