fast-food equals bad food

HEART ATTACKS, STROKES, and PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASES are cause by FAST FOOD!!!!!!….. Once you are eating unhealthy food you can’t go back because this is causing your body to have bad cholesterol of level in blood.

Almost 9 out of 10 Americans visit McDonald’s restaurants a place where they serve fast-food. This place is recognized by Over 96% of Americans,” children visiting this place. The results that this has it’s, “High level of INSULIP which has been linked to rise incidences of type 2 DIABETES.” You can find more information on (scan facts about fast food).

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Basically what this quote is saying is that because American choose to eat unhealthy this is causing their body have all surrounds of disease in it. Not only you would suffer but u can die from this sickness. My cousin suffer from this type 2 diabetes but it was nobody’s fault but his because he made the choice of eating unhealthy, years later he die and could not cure himself. HOW MANY COLORIES DO YOU EAT EVERYDAY IN FAST-FOOD??? American people eat more every day in fast-food restaurants.. Imagine that you are eating at a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway. Your daily calories are 400-600 calories, and you drink a soda of “300ml that contains 170 calories your total calories are 960 calories.”(Obesity facts). This could bring the problem to obesity causing many children, adults, and teens to be a problem in America to be obese. Because many Americans eat fast-food The United States is the number 1 country of children being obese.

Eating this unhealthy food has no good benefit for you. Why? You may be asking. Well it has no good benefit because many people had die from eating too much of what they need to. GOOD TASTE DOESN’T EQUAL GOOD FOOD. Many people such as costumers eat fast-food thinking that it’s good for their health to be in danger of heart attacks, diabetes, and etc…. Berenice Barrera, a NHS student said, “HELL YEA!!! I like fast-food because it has a good taste.

” She also said,” Healthy food feels dried and it doesn’t have that good taste in your mouth, yea it’s healthy but I rather taste fast-food then good food.” Like Berenice Barrera many consumers eat fast-food because it taste good but that they don’t know is that it makes your health have high ratios of fat, cholesterol, sodium, and/or sugar. Restaurants’ are defending themselves saying that they are trying to put healthy food that has good health for consumers. But what these restaurants are doing is that they are attracting their costumers to come to their restaurant but in reality this food is still have bad health. This food also includes, “fatty beef trimmings which used to go mainly into pet and other by praluct into hamburger filler,” (Botemiller).

It’s basically like trying to lie to your mom. Why?? Because your mom wouldn’t believe what you are telling her just like we don’t believe what the fast-food restaurants are telling us. Your mom needs proves of what you’re telling her and just like she needs proves we also need prove of what that restaurants are telling us they are doing to make their restaurants a good place to eat at. Fast-food VS Healthy food Juliet George= Healthy Food Berenice Barrera= Fast-Food Silvina Salinas= Healthy Food Roberto Martell= Fast-Food Hector Sqival=Fast-Food Yailin Aguilar= Fats-Food Alejandra Gonzales=Fast-Food These students polled are North High School students, age 14-15 from their feedback teens you can tell that 7 out of 2 prefer healthy food. 4 out of 7 prefer fast-food because according to them this food makes them feel happy, and enjoy full. I ask Roberto Martell, a North High School student, ‘why do u prefer fast-food instead of healthy food?’ he answer, “because it’s delicious!!!! Every time I see a commercial it makes my mouth watery which makes me want to buy the fast-food the commercials show.

And when I taste it feels like I’m a world of delicious food….. mmmmmmmmmmm.” As I was interviewing Roberto Martell I notice that when he talks about the fast-food he gets anxious to taste that food. You could even notice on the survey that more students prefer unhealthy food because it taste good but once you tell them that if they would eat healthy food they made a weird face with the expression of yyuuukks!!!!!! Bad Food Equals Bad Health!!! “As the old saying goes; you are what you eat” (Chew On This pg.

12). This quote demonstrates that if you eat fast-food you are going to be fat, but if you eat healthy food your body is going to be healthy with no diabetes, and heart attacks. It is also saying that if you eat junk food in the inside of your body you are going to be obese because you are not getting the nutrition you need in order to be healthy. Also your bones are going to be all week and are not going to have vitamins in them. Healthy food will make your body have vitamins and nutrition. “American consumers make their own choice to eat bad no one is making them go to the restaurants and order the number 10, 2, 3, or 4.

.” Yailin Aguilar, a NHS student, said that. I agree with her because we are not putting a gun in your head ordering you to go to the restaurant you do it because you feel the desire to eat that so call DELICIOUS FOOD. What brings you that attraction is the taste, and what is in that food.. yup many people have the same desire but they don’t eat that food because they prefer to be in a good shape rather than a bad shape.

CONCLUSION In conclusion, fast-food restaurants offer consumers food that is bad for their health. This food causes people such as consumers to have heart attacks, diabetes, and be obese. People should start making better choice , like star eating salads, exercise, and play sports. You as consumer should think twice before you go to eat at this restaurants I know it taste good but we have to think twice before we eat, think about what I discussed with you.