The Fast-Food Secrets

The Fast-Food Secrets Do you know what is in the Fast-Food you eat and what these foods can cause to your health? Do you know how is it produce and where? These are the questions that consumers of fast food should ask themselves every time they are going to eat Fast-Food, to have good knowledge of what they are introducing to their body and how it can affect them. Normally, people who eat fast food don’t even think about how healthy and clean fast-food is. But now people should know that fast food restaurants produce unhealthy food in unsanitary environment causing health problems to consumers. What is in the Fast-Food You Eat? First of all, consumers should know what ingredients are in their food causing those delicious flavors. One example of this is, “Beef products Inc. uses an innovative process to turn fatty beef trimmings, which are used to go mainly into pet food into hamburger filler,” (Bottemiller).

With this example we can see that the hamburgers that you are eating are made of fatty and that is not natural meat. It is showing that when you go to some fast food restaurant most of its food is produced in factories and not in that particular restaurant. Another example to prove it is, Fast-Food companies are adding a mixture of Ammonia and water to kill the bacteria of Coli and Salmonella beef meat (Bottemiller). This also shows that Fast-Food companies are selling to costumers polluted meat with Salmonella and Ammonia. Other reason is, “the taste of a French fry is largely determined by the cooking oil. For decades McDonald’s cooked its French fries in a mixture of about 7% Soybean oil and 93% of beef fat (Wilson).

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Companies will argue that they provide healthy food options for consumers. For example, companies make people think that oatmeal’s in those restaurants are healthy, as the same as the other foods they sell, but in reality, “oatmeal’s contains more sugar than a Snickers bar and is only 10 calories lower than a McDonald’s cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin.” This is wrong because companies make people think that the Fast-Food is healthy while it is not, and companies do this because if consumers find out what is on their food and how healthy in reality is people will not buy the food and it will affect its sales. Where is Fast-Food Produce? Most of the people believe fries and burgers came from the kitchen of local fast food restaurants, when in reality they came from big factories. The quote, “billions of fast food hamburgers that Americans eat every year come from places like Greely. The industrialization of cattle-raising and meatpacking over the past few decades has completely altered the way beef is produced” (Wilson, Chew on This).

The beef produce in this place is unsanitary because Greely is a place based on meat, the smell is a combination of live animals manure and death animals being turned into dog food. This place is where the hamburger meat came from. Another example to prove that Fast-Food is produce in unsanitary environments is a news report that says, “looking closely at thousands of health inspection reports, and discovered some dirty dining — a worm in a salad, a cockroach in a soda, chewing gum in a taco” (

With 200,000 fast food restaurants, keeping them clean and the food safe can be an enormous task, and costumers do get sick. Most of the fast food is already produced in places like Greely Colorado, that are perfect examples of unsanitary environments causing food to be unhealthy. Another example is the quote, “the grain is designed to fatten the cattle quickly aided by growth hormones that have been implanted beneath their skin”. Those cattle ranches are putting hormones and other substances on cows to get fat faster, that is causing the meat to not be natural and is unhealthy for the people who eat it at cheaper prices. What is the Cost of Fast-Food to You? While people are eating, they don’t think about how healthy it is and even worse.

They don’t think about what health problems this could bring you. ” Most fast foods tend to be low in important vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutriments” ( People are not choosing a healthier option such a salad, people are choosing to eat fast food and eating it means that you are simply filling up on empty calories that are not contributing to your overall health and nutritional requirements. “The negative effects of fast food on our health included, cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver disease, asthma and type-2 diabetes” (www. Talking in long term the excess of fat, sodium and sugar can cause you those kinds of problems. The most common problem is obesity and being overweight, in fact, “33.8% of adults in the United States are obese representing the bad nutrimental habits that Americans have developed” (Whitman). Now that you know all about fast-food, how is made, where and what it can do to you, do you still want to eat fries and hamburgers? Now you have the power to decide what you want to eat by thinking about how is it produce, in what kind of places it is made and thinking about the health problems it can bring to you by eating Fas-Food.