Junk Food in School

Chips. Ice tea. French fries.

These are some of the junk food that we enjoy. However, junk food might taste good but it is really harmful to our body. Candies give us decayed teeth. Chips make our throat hurt. Often junk food is available in school. If we want a healthy life, schools should ban junk food.

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Teens get annoyed when they’re not allowed to eat junk food in school. School is the place where students spend most of their time every day. If we want a healthy life, we shouldn’t eat junk food in school. Eating junk food in school will give us a habit of eating junk food all the time. Think about all the negative effects of that situation. Obesity, decayed tooth or even cancer.

We definitely don’t want school to be the place where students get sick because of junk food. When we eat junk food in class, we get distracted by our food and thus we can’t focus on the teacher. Besides that, we don’t only distract ourselves but also other students in class. The noise we make when we are chewing our food, bothers students around us from listening to the teachers talking. Moreover, when our friends see us eating junk food, they definitely want some as well.

The order in the classroom will be messed up when they’re begging us for our food. Even if the teachers don’t mind, the smell of the food do annoys people sometimes. Junk food such as chips often has a really strong smell and it will stay for a pretty long time in the room. That will also be a distraction. People say that they need snack like chocolate to gain energy.

But in fact, research shows that you need energy to transform and digest the energy that the junk food gives you. When your body is working on that process, your brain doesn’t have enough energy to concentrate. School is a place for learning. We don’t only learn knowledge but also learn about a positive lifestyle. In this case, school should ban junk food as the result of creating a healthy life style for students.