Things About Food

So, here is the thing about the food we eat. Food is like one of the many things, we need to live on. Food comes from all over the world, some better looking than others.

We need food, so we can live, well we mainly need food, for everything, on Earth. To live without food there would only have water, and dirt, and plants as well. Food comes in all shapes, sizes, color, and taste, some are poisonous, as some are not. You always have to clean, cut, and cook your food, so you will not get sick from non-cook food. Rice is an example of food that you need to clean thoroughly, as it may look clean but it is really has something, called Starch you have to wash off the rice.

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Chicken has to be clean, then season, then fired or baked as it takes time to cook all kinds of food. Also, it is always a good thing to check your food, before you start you to prepare your food. Take your time to cook, so your food will not be bloody, nasty, and over or under cook either. Never! Go to bed after you just got done, eating a large meal. If you do, then you might throw up, and your food will rot in your stomach, then you will have bad gas.

When you eat fat, greasy, salty, food you will just, keep getting bigger and bigger, and that is not neatly at all. Oh, and I repeat DON”T go running around like a monkey, or any other things after you just ate, just sit back, and watch something on T.V or on your computer. Some food make you lose weight as some make you gain weight as well. Example are food that make you gain weight are Bread, and Cookies, and all that fatty foods.

Some foods like Slim Quick, and going on a diet will make you lose all those unneeded pounds you have gain. It is important to eat healthy food, instead of eating all that junk food, even though we love it, it is bad for us. Fruits, are some good foods we can eat, that are good for us unlike cakes, and pastry while some are good, others just make you gain a lot of weight. Baked food is always better than fired food, even though we mainly eat fried food, baked is better. So, what this essay is saying, it healthy foods are good for us, as well as some junk food, while some are not.

Never sleep on a full belly, and always cook your food and clean it very well. Even though we can eat all types of food, please eat healthy, so you will not be over weight, and eat some junk and fatty food so you will not be underweight.