Education Sector

Education sector poses to be a core pillar of development in various institutions and plays an integral role in influencing perpetual innovation in the society.

However, the beneficial aspect of education is vested on the mode of system as well as environment deployed. Various educational systems have been introduced and are associated with both merits and disadvantages in facilitating consistency in learning intuitions especially at primary and secondary level. In the United States for instance education institutions are continually embracing year round education system rather than the traditional systems. Year round education system involves operating on 180 days similar to the traditional systems but there are breaks within that period. The system has various modes of plans that have different arrangement of the 180 days as well as the breaks involved.

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Year round education system has been receiving reactions from the learning institutions and education stakeholders in the society. From this perspective this paper wishes to discuss in depth arguments put forward in favor of year round education system. Notably, learning is process and involves various concepts fundamental to higher levels of learning in the society. In this case learning is gradual process that characterized by numerous retrieval of the learnt principles or concepts in order to reflect success in the previous sessions. Therefore retention of information learnt during previous learning situation poses to be paramount importance to the future sessions or level.

From this perceptive the mode of system deployed is instrumental in level of retention of the learnt concepts in the previous sessions. The traditional mode of system that involved a single learning period and a break in summer tends to promote forgiveness in students compared to year round education system (The Editor, Para 4). This is due to the fact that year round education is characterized with numerous breaks within the learning session’s retention rates tends to higher than that involvng a prolonged learning and single vacation during summer. In addition, the human brain is designed to become exhausted after a considerable period of comprehensive concentration and in order recommence high concentration relaxation is crucial. The traditional mode of education system fails to consider this factor but year round education system recognizes the concept through creating short breaks within learning periods. This shows the beneficial aspect of year round education in promoting development of education through enhanced retention of learnt concepts and fostering apt learning environment.

Learning and gasping of concepts varies in students and an intervention is highly recommended in order to improve development in learning of slow students. This can be facilitated through in cooperation of enrichment programs in learning institutions during specific period when schools are not busy. The fact that year round education system involves numerous learning period with breaks in between the learning session time space is established for improvement period (Palmer, , 3). The traditional mode of education system is that has a single break a year after a prolonged learning period is characterized with huge learning materials and deployment of an improvement programs to slow students is challenge. However, in the year round education deployment of such programs is possible due to the numerous breaks whish facilitates sub-division of learning materials into manageable sections (McDonald, 210). Therefore, year round education system is designed to accommodate all students with different learning abilities.

From this perceptive learning in the society is fostered and talents can be monitored and nurtured and provide solutions to various problematic issues in the society. According to research regarding the performance of institutions based of the periods they are open or closed, it was revealed that schools that break for summer register poor results in contrast with those deploying year round education system. Therefore, the system posees to recognize demands in the educations sectors and seals inefficiency loopholes associated with the systems that have long breaks during summers (Marien, 142). The year round education system is divided in various plans that have restructured the 180 days of learning in different patterns. Therefore breaking of learning session varies in institutions due to the various modes of plans embraced. In this case facilitating schedule is easier under year round education than the traditional system where vacations were generally during summers.

The fact under year round education system student went on vacations at different periods an entire region can have a schedule free from congestion. Education operations fostered by year round education promote optimal utilization of resources like classrooms in a learning institution (Ryan, & Cooper, 412). The fact that the system deploys multi-tracking technique an institution ca accommodate extra students at a give time that traditional mode educations system where vacation is once a year during summers. In this case the system plays a significant role in saving resources required to extend learning facilities due to the concept of multi-tracking. Year round education pose to great significance in saving resources of learning institutions swell as promoting orderly in the sectors due to various plans with different vocational periods.

Conclusion Year round education system as modern mode of learning program that is gradually replacing the traditional mode is associated with numerous beneficial traits pose to be the forwards in the sector. The various arguments put forwards in favor of the system are realistic and genuinely pose to have the potential to transform education sector to grater heights and facilitate tremendous achievement of students as well as tutors. In order to register efficiency in education sectors and promote performance in individual student comprehensive endorsement of year round education system is crucial.