Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

Revolutionize the Retail Sector The Digits website states, “We design, develop and manufacture our own range of systems that are engineered to meet the challenging and constantly changing demands of a retail environment. Using the latest technologies, we deliver positive, cost-effective solutions in compact, high performance, reliable, and energy saving technologies. Our systems are used by leading retailers around the world. ” In 2004, Digits launched the Dollops Retail Blade system, which was the first electronic point of sale (Eposes) system to use blade technology.

Dollops has been at the forefront of Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPOSES) design and manufacture since it was established in 1994. The company invests a huge amount of money in research and development that is based on the Intel embedded processor and chippies. They have a very clear vision, to bring retailers the high technology solutions critical to their success. It has already brought retailers an electronic point-of-sale solution that is crucial to their success.

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Digits are leaders in system design and integration of software applications and hardware solutions; developing award winning hardware, software, ND professional services (Bloomberg Businesslike, 2013). Digits has clearly made Its reputation for Itself over the years, one that Is based on high quality, value, and performance. They deliver what retailers want and are looking for (Digits, 2013). Some of the challenges that Digits faced are ones that can be overcome with some quality management.

Dollops wanted to deliver unique retail solutions that would help Its customers maximize their Investments In upgrading their systems, while the company maintained its profits and competitive edge (Digits, 2013).

In order to do his, Digits had to create a very close relationship with its customers, and with a company that was well established and had a great track record of high-performance embedded processor technology. The company that Dollops decided to work with was Intel, and it has done so for years now (Digits, 2013).

Historically, most retailers would have to close their business down for some time in order to make upgrades to various systems costing precious revenue. Digits devised a unique retail technology FIFO very little down time with upgrades. It is known as Digits Retail Blade, and it was munched in 2004. It was the world’s first retailer point-of-sale (POS) system to use the blade technology.

It enables retailers to replace only the parts that need to be replaced instead of having to do a complete hardware replacement when upgrade time came around.

The Blade technology can connect and power a huge range of devices that make it much easier for retailers to try out new technologies and see how they work and whether or not they like them. This made complete hardware replacement a thing of the past. It was faster, more efficient, and saved revenue (Bloomberg Businesslike, 2013). Using the latest technology, Blade gives you the lifespan and performance you would expect from a quality retail system.

The award winning Blade EPOSES technology enables a company to maintain compatibility, configurations, and installations while extending the performing life of POS investments for better than 10 years.

With the Digits Retail Blade, retailers and companies can choose exactly how they want their system to work and when. This gives them complete flexibility in the store and the ability to change the system to suit their needs. The Retail Blade gives retailers the ability to adjust the level of reference that they need, how they need it, and right where it is needed.

If the requirements change, the Retail Blade simply addresses the changing requirements automatically. The principle behind the Blade technology is efficiency. The Blade host becomes the foundation of the system and a separate Retail Blade motherboard is installed in the host.

As required, the motherboard can be removed and maintained or upgraded to the latest version of Blade. The simple service design decreases downtime and provides an increase in return-on-investments (ROI) and eliminates he old rip-it-out and replace it mentality (Intel, 2013).

It was also clear that an additional feature of the Retail core would need to address the historical issue of power consumption, from both the perspective of environmental responsibility and consideration of operating cost for the POS system itself (Merchants consulting, 2013). The cumulative operating cost of multiple POS systems can be considerable when taking into account the number of potential units and their workload in a typical day. Retailers clearly have an opportunity to demonstrate the steps they are taking to educe carbon footprint and overall use of energy.

It was essential however, to ensure that performance was not compromised for the energy savings given.

This new core processor also only uses 15 watts of electricity for the entire unit. This is far less than the average light bulb uses while in use (Intel, 2013). Recognizing the various needs of retailers, Digits was eager to introduce a very reliable and compact EPOSES system for retailers who were looking to optimize their business as well as their profits.

Built on the Intel Atom processor DODD, the retail core generates minimal heat o it does not need fans for cooling the processor. Instead, the heat is dissipated through two solid aluminum blocks which conduct heat away from the processor to the aluminum casings, thus eliminating the fans. Fans are often the single largest point of weakness, so by having no fan, or any moving parts, this created an extremely reliable system.

The average time between failures was roughly 5 to 7 years, but with this new design it is roughly 11 years (Digits, 2013). Yester. Utilizing the latest Intel Atom processor technology, it offers at least a 60% deduction in power consumption, when compared to other POS systems or desktop PC’s. The fact that Quantum Blade uses less power than comparable units also means that in the medium to long term use will reduce the overall running cost of the equipment. The quantum Blade also runs on a solid state disk drive. Solid state disk drives have no moving parts, which makes them far more reliable and efficient.

This lowers the lowers the customer’s total costs and enables higher productivity while improving overall system responsiveness. The solid state disk drive also uses much sees power than a traditional magnetic hard drive. A solid state disk drive is much cooler and quitter and performs at a much higher level (Bloomberg Businesslike, 2013). The Quantum Blade system is a hot swappable unit. It has a removable hard drive and motherboard for easy installation and service.

This means each time a retailer chooses to replace a unit, or needs some sort of service, they do not have to dismantle all of the peripherals and do a complete tear down of the system.

This makes it much easier to support the stores at the IT level for the most part, without having to be on site. Usually, if the store needs a spare hard drive or other piece of equipment, one can be Just be mailed to them (Merchants Consulting, 2013). Many retailers have been and will be highly impressed with the environmental impact that this new technology has.

With its ease of installation and unparalleled serviceability, the Quantum Blade has been a popular choice with a large number of clients and businesses. With continued development and enhancements to the Blade technology, this will only increase with time (Merchants Consulting, 2013).

Digits is also working on the design of its next generation Quantum Blade based on he Intel Core 17 pro processor and the Intel QUO Express chippies (Digits, 2013). It will bring retailers ground breaking remote management capability through Intel’s Active Management Technology.

Digits is also working on a suite of diagnostic management software embedded with Intel Active Management Technology (Digits, 2013). It is abundantly clear that the new technology that is being used by Digits is revolutionary to the existence of many retailers. The point-of-sale systems are highly efficient and far more powerful and much more reliable than the older system that used to be in place.

The cost to the retail operations is reduced by the extension of the lifespan reliability and far more efficient when it comes to the consumption of power.

In terms of performance, size, robustness, power consumption, and specification, Digits Technology has set a new standard for the retail industry. Digits technology is positioning itself to lead the entire industry while at the same time ensuring that high, retail specific performance can be achieved without compromise to overhead cost and initial expense.