Retail Chart Case study

Top Retailers and discuss the current state of the retail business. In your write up include the following: Discuss 3 factors influencing sales results overall Point of Differentiation – In business economics, differentiation is seen as an important strategic move for companies to make.

Building In-store and Online – Incredible convenience, price comparison, infinite Choice. Convenience, Price Stability – A situation in which prices in an economy don’t change much over time. Price stability would mean that an economy would not experience inflation or deflation.

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It is not common for an economy to have price stability. Which store had the best performance (based on % increase) in each category Department Store, Store is the Brand. Mass Market, Category Killers, Warehouse Clubs and Discount Stores/Off Price. Explain why.

Refer to the Retail Chart by Distribution for store classifications to determine the stores in each category. You may need to consult other references for additional information to answer this question.

Department Stores Good/Metier – out of J Penny, Kohl’s, Sears I would say Kohl’s had the best performance for the year (the only store to stay out of the negative) Better – out of Macy’s, Bell, and Dullard’s; Macy’s beat out the competition by . 01%. Best – out of Nordstrom, Anemia-Marcus, Ask, Bloodiness’s; Nordstrom Mould take the lead with a whopping 6. Gain for the year.

Store Is the Brand Out tot Victorians Secret, Ann Taylor, p L m Ted, Banana Republic, it goes to Victorians Secret for keeping L Brands looking lovely. Mass Market Out of Wall-Mart, K Mart, and Target, Wall-Mart had the biggest gain out of the here (3. 3%). Category Killers/ Big Box Out of these seven; Bed Bath and Beyond, Toys R Us, Home Depot, Best Buy, Staples, ‘kea, Barnes and Noble.

Bed Bath and Beyond is the winner for this category. Warehouse Clubs Out of Cost, Cam’s Club, and Bi’s.

Cost takes this category with 10. 6% sales growth. Discount Stores/ Off Price Retailers Out of Outlet Stores, TX Max, Marshall, Ross, Statement. TX Max had 1 1.

6% sales Offset Retailers Internet e-tailors (single channel), Catalogs, HAS, Q.V.. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular; so many shops are opening up their business to he World Wide Web so by far Internet E-tailors are showcasing the best performance. Non Apparel Retailers/ Other C.

V., Walgreen, Pathname, Shoppers, Whole Foods Market, A & P, Auto Showrooms. Hole Foods Market with a sales growth of 15. 6% Look at 2012 sales for the following retailers: Target, Macy’s, Gap, Cost and {Our Get out and Go Retailer and determine for each retailer: What is the sales growth? Positive or negative? What are these Retailers doing to generate business? Target [Sales growth 5. 1%] Positive. Target works in close partnership with suppliers around the world.

They constantly seek new and innovative ways to not only deliver more value to their guests, but also strength they do business. En the communities where Macy’s [Sales growth 4. 9%] Positive. Macy’s embraces customers and strives to provide an experience that transcends ordinary shopping. Their DNA includes special events that are magical ? the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Fourth of July Fireworks, flower shows, fashion extravaganzas, celebrity appearances, cooking demonstrations and holiday traditions ranging from the arrival of Santa Claus to tree lightings and animated window displays. Gap, Inc.

[Sales Growth 5. %] Positive.

Their definition of success: offering amazing products across our portfolio of brands that customers can’t live without, we are guided by a promise to do more than sell clothes. Cost [Sales growth 10. 6%] Positive. Cost’s business model is to generate high sales while offering club members low pricing on items.

Are the sales and profit trends upward or downward? Target, Macy’s and Cost all had positive numbers but Gap had -1. 8% [Stores Growth] but other than the stores growth Gap had positive numbers as well. Go to www. Hypochondriac. Com and look up their stock symbol, what is their stock currently trading at?