Retail Strategy

Retail Strategy In the Retail Strategy forum discuss the following: a. How do each of the 7 elements of retail strategy apply to Flight 001’s overall retailing strategy (see figure 14. 1 on page 452 in your text)? b.

How does atmospherics apply to Flight 001’s stores? Target Market Flight 001 provides products for travelers, specifically airline travelers. These products are geared toward a consumer base that tends to be young, trendy, and affluent. Merchandising The carefully select every product, whether it is a cheap luggage tag or an expensive piece of designer luggage.Promotion Their products are promoted on airline websites, as well as, their own website. Customer Service Flight 001 has stores that are located on secondary streets instead of strip malls.

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Consumers are able to view and buy products online. Pricing Their prices for products range from $6 for smaller items to $600 for designer products. Location/Distribution They won’t place their stores in strip mall. Instead they put them on secondary streets where boutiques and coffee shops are located.Atmospherics Each Flight 001 store has a curved interior which replicates the walls of an airline fuselage.

The sales desk looks like a ticket counter at an airport. They have time zone clocks hanging on the walls. The give it the feel of a first class section on an airplane. When a customer walks into a Flight 001 store they feel they have walked into an airport or a plane. They also fill their stores with trendy products that catch the customers eyes and makes them want to looks around and buy stuff.