Creating a Flow Chart

Workflows enable people bring together documents as well as managing their projects well. Workflow especially in a nursing set up are beneficial because they make the transfer of documents belonging to patient’s easily. People medical information should remain confidential, and a work flow will enhance the security of this information.

Workflows also help in the job efficiency and increased productivity as they help in managing all steps involved in a hospital setting. On the other hand, workflow analysis seeks to determine the maximum utilization of resources and the same time minimize the activates within a workflow that do not add value. The above chart is a representation of a workflow that can be used in a job set up to send document and approval of these documents within a working set up. The documents may be sent to different departments via email within an organization to be approved and signed then returned to the end destination for approval(Shimono, Tsuru, Iizuka, Kato, Munechika, & Kaneko, 2009). For example, in the case of inventory sale, in an organization, a manager may instruct her secretary to draft a letter for approval of sale of some inventory.

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Such a document has to be sighned to by different departmental heads before it finally reaches the overall manager. One copy is forwarded to all the leaders and then it ends up being with the final manager. This is a cost effective activity as it minimizes cost may in the employment of messengers in the organization. In this workflow, the use of computers and internet is in use. Computers in an organization or office can be linked to a network through the internet where information circulation is made easy.

The process can also use scanners so that documents that require scannig and attaching to the email address for easy sending can be effective. Once the documents are ready they are sent to the recipients inform of an email so that they can go over them and deliver their feedback. The new technology has some disadvantages among them being that emails nowadays are prone to hacking and malware, which can lead to loss of information or leakage of organizations confidential information. As a result, in a work flow like the one illustrated above the email address has a password that is given to only characters that are involved in the activates highlighted in the workflow(Kolarik,1995). There are unavoidable circumstances such as loss of internet services. Therefore, these activates can take place when the internet services are available and fast.

Another clear characteristic of a poor performing work process is due to the presence of unnecessary pauses as well as rework, information delays, workarounds, and availability of gaps in the workflow. Whenever gaps are available in a workflow, they lead to some steps in the workflow being omitted and creating an illogic mood among the participants.The workflow has two parts where there is either approval of the documents or rejection. Improvements would be recommended on the side of rejection. Once there is a rejection in the documents there should be introduced another section where all rejected documents lands instead of flowing up to the end.

This will ease the task in the process of sorting out between the approved and rejected documents. Over the past years, health care has been facing in the design of its Workflow in order to be more efficient as well as effective. The key trigger into examining the workflow is in response of how things are being done. Several factors are prressing to the workflow design such as there is an introduction of new technology and healing methodologies to clinical care, challenges behind care coordination for those who are chronically ill. The other contributing factor is the increased need in the cost efficiency as well as improvement in the patient flow and safety. There is also an increased need in the implementation of significant changes that ensure that the care team focuses on the patient’s increases.

There is an increased need in the implementation of significant changes that will see the care team more focused on the safety and quick recovery of patients.One crucial reason why workflows are pressing a lot of concern to the clinicians to day is due to an introduction the information technology in the clinical practices. There is an implication of a workflow in the organization of its steps. Conscious organization about their workflow designs remains successful in the adoption of the health IT. Healthcare organization relies a lot on clear information. As a result, this information can be able to cater for patients because nurses are the guardians of patient’s rich information.

It is clear that the valuable get lost in case of poor workflows or due to an increase in interruption. Therefore, a good organization flow especially in the hospital main concern is not in humanizing the efficiency only. The workflows are the one that guides the care team on how well they can undertake their duties and achieve the set goals(Patient Care Publications, 1990). A good workflow is time effective leading the reliability, safety, as well as compliance with the set practice standards’ in the nursing practices. Finally, a good workflow accommodates different variations that arise in the health care because of interactions in relation to other related workflows.