Education system in Australia

IntroductionIn my dissertation, I will need solid and sound resources in order to study effectively. My literary analysis essay revolves around the resources I intend to use when studying the education system in Australia.

• The Evolution of Education in AustraliaBook and Internet serviceMarion McCreadieSummary Here is a batch of information that revolves around the historical findings of the founder and writer of the book. The history of the Australian education system features heavily in all her associated works.AnalysisThis will help me mine information about the history of the education service in Australia, and will help me find historical data to compare with current events. • The Central Intelligence Agency in the USAFree website servicesSummary This is a US company that offers free information on its website, and some of it revolves around the education systems in other countries. It has facts, figures and statistics that many consider to be correct.AnalysisTheir website has a lot of information about the state of education in different countries and will help me measure the state of the Australian education system with the state of other country’s education systems.

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• Higher EducationAustralian Bureau of StatisticsSummary This is a website and web-based service that offers nationally gathered statistics about things such as education in the country. It is considered by many people to be an accurate record of Australian statistics.Analysis This resource has a lot of value as it is created by the Australian government and many people consider its findings to be correct. It will help me with valuable statistics and facts that few can dispute without first calling into question the validity and correctness of their fact gathering processes.• World education rankingsPearson publishingSummaryThis is a book that gives figures and facts about world rankings in education. It also features Australia and has a lot of information that is relevant to my dissertation.

The information is also seen as correct by a great many people and the work is much respected. AnalysisThis is a well-respected work that many people can reference and understand very easily, so it will work well as a part of my dissertation and the information in it will prove valuable to me.• Home Education Association Inc (Australia)WebsiteSummary This is a website that compiles information about people that are taught at home instead of enrolling in and going to school. It is a trusted resource that a lot of people believe gives accurate information.AnalysisMy dissertation will need the perspective of people that study from home.

This resource gives me information about the students that study from home, and the information it gives is trusted and well respected.Conclusion That is a short list of the primary resources I will base my dissertation on. These resources seem ideal for use in my dissertation, and they are all academically sound, which means any analysis and subsequent conclusions are based on true information and so are more relevant and/or more correct.