Case Study on Climate Change in Australia

Climate Change in Australia Case Study:

Climate change is an urgent problem which is connected with the alteration of climate in different areas of Earth under the effect of different factors.

Climate is changed all over the world and this process is affected by the intensive human activity and other natural factors which are not influenced by the human being.About 200 thousand people are at the risk of losing their houses because of flood. One of the main reasons of the increase of temperature in Australia is greenhouse effect. The government of the country has already set special taxes which are supposed to reduce the emissions of CO2 which cause greenhouse effect. Of course, it influences the country’s economics and the additional taxes are the burden on the average family budget. Moreover, Australia has troubles with water supply, because more and more areas are deserted.

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Finally, big cities and other rapidly developing urban areas do not have enough water and this resource if quite expensive there.Climate change is Australia is a serious and relevant problem which is worth student’s attention. The young person should devote enough time to the analysis of the general climatic situation in Australia and think about the factors which have caused the increase of the average temperature, increase of the sea level, drought and other problems. After that one is able to evaluate the effect of the climate change of the quality of life, economy and development of Australia. The student’s duty is to brainstorm the most reasonable and helpful solutions to the existing problems relying on the research of the modern ecologists who try to improve the country’s ecological situation.It is quite troublesome to cope with the serious case study effectively, because every student, even the smartest one, requires additional writing help and advice form an expert.

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