Case Study on Climate Change in Africa

Climate Change in Africa Case Study:

Climate change is the alteration in the climatic patterns in different areas of the world under the effect of various anthropological and natural factors. More often climate change is connected with the increase of the annual average temperature. The change of climate is observed all over the world and Africa is not an exception. This continent has always been associated with droughts and high temperature, but today the situation has become even more serious, because the average temperature in Africa has increased for more than 1°C during the latest forty years.

Different parts of the continent have already enormous problems in the sphere of agriculture and water supply and it is impossible to conduct such processes as melioration successfully, as there is not enough water for it. Because of the increase of the average temperature the quantity of precipitation has reduced in the eastern and central parts. The most serious problem is the reduction of precipitation in Sahel, the area which looks like the border between Sahara and more fertile lands, one of the most appropriate for life lands in Africa. The regional effect of global warming is extremely tragic for Africa, because the country is poor in rivers and lakes and many area survive exclusively due to precipitation and if their character and quantity changes, it has catastrophic consequences for these areas. Moreover, a great role is played by Pacific Ocean in the level of precipitation in the east of Africa.

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The global warming process has changed the direction and the temperature of its streams and it has affected the whole part of the continent.Climate change is Africa is a serious and complicated piece of work for every student, because the problem is really complex and requires deep analysis and professional approach towards the issue.The student is supposed to observe the current climatic situation in Africa and compare the results with the statistical data of the previous years. After that the young expert will manage to understand the cause and effect of climate change in Africa and will probably brainstorm the original solution to the problem or at least suggests the right reduction of the consequences of the global warming process in Africa.A case study is the research of the definite matter suggested by the professor and the student is expected to choose the right methods for the investigation and professional solution of the issue.With the help of a free example case study on climate change in Africa the young person will see the appropriate approach towards the organization and formatting of the paper.

A free sample case study on climate change in Africa is a useful piece of help for everyone who requires a quality hint for writing.