Climate Change Case Study

Case Study on Climate Change:

Climate change is the variation of the climate of Earth in the whole or the definite climatic patterns in different parts of the world under the effect of different factors. There are different aspects of the analysis of climate change. There are global investigations which study the process of climate change on the timeline of millions of years and there are more direct research and monitoring which study the variations in climate of the latest several decades. The main indicators which illustrate the climate change are the variations of the average parameters of the weather and the frequency of the extreme weather phenomena. There are several core factors which cause climate change on Earth and the most important of them are the dynamic processes on the planet, the outer factors, like the increase or decrease of the radiation of the Sun and finally the human activity.

In the current meaning climate change is understood like the latest change of the climate of the planet – the global warming up process. The weather is the daily condition of the atmosphere.The weather is a chaotic and dynamic system and the climate is the average condition of the weather and is predictable. The climate includes such points: the average temperature, precipitation, the number of sunny days, pressure, the speed of the wind, air humidity, etc. The core factors which influence climate change are: the change of the relief and position of the continents on the planet; the change of the quantity of the sunlight; the variation of the orbit of Earth; the change of the structure of the atmosphere; the concentration of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere; etc.

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The problem of climate change has become extremely relevant nowadays, because the average temperature of the planet has been constantly increasing causing various negative consequences.The student who is going to investigate the topic of climate change should understand the meaning of the problem, the factors which influence it and improve his knowledge on the topic in general. In order to investigate the case related with climate change a student should read a lot and collect enough information for the research. A student is supposed to find out about the cause and effect of the suggested case and present a sensible solution to the problem.Writing a case study a student faces dozens of troubles which make the process of writing complicated.

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